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Baritone saxophone Picture      The baritone saxophone, often called "bari sax" (to avoid confusion with the baritone horn, which is often referred to simply as "baritone"), is one of the larger and lower pitched members of the saxophone family. It was invented by Adolphe Sax. The baritone is distinguished from smaller sizes of saxophone by the extra loop near its mouthpiece; this helps to keep the instrument at a practical height (the rarer bass saxophone has a similar, but larger loop). It is the lowest pitched saxophone in common use.

     The baritone sax is the largest saxophone commonly seen in modern ensembles. The other common saxophones are the alto, tenor and soprano.

     The exceptional weight of the instrument (15-20 pounds or 6.5 kg), as compared to the other three commonly used sizes of saxophone, makes it difficult to use in marching bands.The baritone saxophone can still be used in a marching band with the standard neckstrap, but that is unadvisable. Its reed size is notably large, twice that of an alto saxophone reed and noticeably larger than that used by the tenor saxophone.




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