Punk Rock

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     Typical punk rock instrumentation includes one or two electric guitars, an electric bass, and a drum kit, along with vocals. Punk rock songs tend to be shorter than those of other popular genres—on the Ramones' debut album, for instance, half of the fourteen tracks are under two minutes long. Most early punk rock songs retained a traditional rock 'n' roll verse-chorus form and 4/4 time signature.



Punk Rock bands starting with 'R': 7 bands in database

Ramblers (Germany)Ramones (United States)
Rema-Rema (United Kingdom)Rich Kids (United Kingdom)
Riff Raff (United Kingdom)Rings (United Kingdom)
Rowdies (United Kingdom)

Punk Rock artists starting with 'R': 55 artists in database

Ambrose ReynoldsAndy Rourke
Bent RasmussenBilly Rath
Black RandyC. J. Ramone
C'el RevueltaChris Remington
Chris RobisonCliff Roman
Dee Dee RamoneDiana Rich
Donna RhiaDuncan "Kid" Reid
Garry RobertsHenry Rollins
Jim RyanJimmy Rip
Joe RamirezJoel Reader
Joey RamoneJohn Ford
Johnny RamoneKira Roessler
Mark RebackMark Ryan
Marky RamoneMick Rossi
Mike RigbyPaul Reekie
Paul RobertsPaul Robinson
Paul RoesslerPaul Rutherford
Paul RutnerPhil Ram
Phil RowlandRat Scabies
Ray CowieRazzle
ReckRichie Ramone
Rick RivetsRoger Rodent
Ron ReyesRonnie Rocker
Ronny RockaStephane Reynaud
Steve "Vom" RitchieSteve Robinson
Steven RiceTom Robinson
Tommy RamoneTrevor Reidy
Vini Reilly

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