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   Pop (an abbreviation of the word “popular”) music exists for mass-market appeal. Ideally, the intention of pop music is to achieve instant memorability. Most pop music is developed from a well-structured combination of repetitive melody and lyric lines (referred as “hooks”) that convey messages of varying importance. Pop is even more chameleon-like than rock in the way it can exist in e seemingly endless array of styles while maintaining its essential structural qualities. Generaly pop’s spiritual home is Top 40 and middle-of-the-road adult radio formats.[1]

     Alhough pop is rarely more than a fairly pleasant diversion, at its best it can possess powerful  sentiment  and melodic invention that transcend mere craftsmanship; consider, for example, a deceptively simple song like the BeatlesYesterday”. Exaples: Bread, the Carpenters, Neil Diamond, Michael Bolton, Art Garfunkel, Lionel Richie, Sade, Simply Red, Dione Warwick, and Swing Out Sister.[1]

     Pop rock is description is applied to a commercially accessible blend or pop song craftsmanship and production values, which still incorporates elements of rock’s immediacy. Artists who have delved into this approach include: Bon Jovi, Peter Frampton, Fleetwood Mac, Billy Joel,  the Guess Who, Extreme, and World Party.[1]

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Pop Rock bands starting with 'P': 18 bands in database

Alan Price (United Kingdom)Alan Price Set (United Kingdom)
Georgie Fame & Alan Price (United Kingdom)Pack (United States)
Paddy, Klaus & Gibson (United Kingdom)Painter (Canada)
Parrish & Gurvitz (United Kingdom)Party Machine (Australia)
Pilot (United Kingdom)Plastic Penny (United Kingdom)
Playboys (United States)Pleasure Garden (United Kingdom)
Poco (United States)Popcorn Blizzard (United States)
Pretenders (United Kingdom)Private Eye (Canada)
Ronnie Dio & The Prophets (United States)Terry Knight & The Pack (United States)

Pop Rock artists starting with 'P': 114 artists in database

Al PerkinsAlan Park
Alan PasquaAlan Price
Andy PetreAnthony Phillips
Armando PerazaArthur Penthollow
Barry PalmerBilly Peek
Billy Pitt-JonesBobby Pickett
Brian ParkerBrian Parrish
Carl PalmerChris Parks
Chuck PortzClaude Pepper
Colin PattendenColleen Peterson
Cozy PowellDai Pritchard
Dave PlotelDave Powell
Davey PattisonDavey Payne
David PaichDavid Palmer
David PatonDennis Pendrith
Derek PellicciDetlef Petersen
Dick ParryDinos Papavasileiou
Gábor PresserGarth Porter
Ged PeckGeoffrey Peacey
George "Chocolate" PerryGeorge Pentzikis
Giorgos PetridisGreg Phillinganes
Guy PrattHans Pape
Honest John PlainIan Paice
Jürgen PlutaJeff Pilson
Jeff PorcaroJeremy Paul
Jim ParkerJim Penson
Jim PonsJimmy Page
Jimmy PowellJochen Peters
Jochen PetersenJoe Pappalardo
Johannes PappertJohn G. Perry
John PearsonJohn Perry
John PetersenJohn Phillips
John PierceJohn Platania
John PorterJohn Purdell
Jon PlotelKarl Perazzo
Kate PiersonKeith Powell
Kenny PineLazaros Papageorgiou
Leon PatilloMarco Pirroni
Mark PriestMel Pachuta
Michelle PhillipsMike Patto
Mike PorcaroNick Pantas
Nick ParvinNick Pentelow
Nicola PankoffOrson Presence
Paul PilnickPhil Pickett
Poli PalmerPrairie Prince
Ric PetropolisRichard Patterson
Rick PriceRobbie Plazier
Roger PopeRon Prentiss
Shirley ParisSimon Philips
Simon PhillipsSteve Perron
Steve PhillipsonSteve Piggot
Steve PorcaroSteve Prestwich
Steven Paul PerryTassos Papastamatis
Terry ParkThemos Petrou
Thomas PalmkvistTim Partridge
Turo PaschayanVassilis Papavassiliou
Victor PantojaViv Prince

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