Garage rock

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0-9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Picture     For those prize adolescent, primitive energy as one of rock & roll best features, the garage rock bands of ‘60s rank at or near the top of rock & roll pyramid. Ignored or even scorned by critics in its heyday, garage rock proved an influential inspiration for the punk rock explosing of the ‘70s, and experienceda renaissance of sorts in the ‘80s, among the rock underground and collector community if nowhere else.[1]

 While scattered 1964 recordings by groups like the Gestures and the Barbarians served early blueprints for the sound, it didn’t blanket the country properly until 1965, when virtually every major city (and many minor ones) became home to dozens of new guitar groups hungering for a piece of the action – which meant parties, girls and, of course, records.[1]

 These records were usually pressed on tiny local labels, and usually only heard within a 500 – 100 mile radius (if they were heard on local radio at all). Occasionally they were picked up for nationwide distribution by a larger company; more occasionally still, they became bona fide national hits. The Shadows of Knight, The Count Five, the 13th Floor Elevators, The Standells, The Seeds, ? & The Mysterians, and the Gentrys were among the lucky few who hit this jackpot, although their time in spotlight was brief.[1]

- Richie Unterberger

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Garage rock bands starting with 'K': 5 bands in database

Kennelmus (United States)Kirkbys (United Kingdom)
Kitchen Cinq (United States)Kjoe (Netrherlands)
Koala (United States)

Garage rock artists starting with 'K': 47 artists in database

Ace KeffordAlan "Bam" King
Alekos KarakantasAsbjorn Krogtft
Beer KlaasseBen Kaika
Ben KingBob Keller
Chris KinmanChris Kritzinger
Colin KerrCraig Kemp
Dan KelleherDave Kindred
Dimitris KatakouzinosFerdy Karmelk
George KinneyGerry Kenwworthy
Gerry Van KollenburgHoward Kaylan
Jim KeaysJim Keylor
Jo KemlingJoe Kooken
John KayJohn Kerney
John KnightsbridgeJohn Kowalski
Johnny KreugerK.J. Knight
Ken KoblunKevin Kelley
Lee KeiferLes Kummel
Manolis KavouklisMax Kelly
Noel KoskellaPeter Kraemer
Reg KingRené Krijnen
Roger KnoxTerry Knight
Vasilis KonstantinidisWalter Kemp
Warren KeithWayne Kramer
Werner Krabb

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