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   Pop (an abbreviation of the word “popular”) music exists for mass-market appeal. Ideally, the intention of pop music is to achieve instant memorability. Most pop music is developed from a well-structured combination of repetitive melody and lyric lines (referred as “hooks”) that convey messages of varying importance. Pop is even more chameleon-like than rock in the way it can exist in e seemingly endless array of styles while maintaining its essential structural qualities. Generaly pop’s spiritual home is Top 40 and middle-of-the-road adult radio formats.[1]

     Alhough pop is rarely more than a fairly pleasant diversion, at its best it can possess powerful  sentiment  and melodic invention that transcend mere craftsmanship; consider, for example, a deceptively simple song like the BeatlesYesterday”. Exaples: Bread, the Carpenters, Neil Diamond, Michael Bolton, Art Garfunkel, Lionel Richie, Sade, Simply Red, Dione Warwick, and Swing Out Sister.[1]

     Pop rock is description is applied to a commercially accessible blend or pop song craftsmanship and production values, which still incorporates elements of rock’s immediacy. Artists who have delved into this approach include: Bon Jovi, Peter Frampton, Fleetwood Mac, Billy Joel,  the Guess Who, Extreme, and World Party.[1]

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Pop Rock bands starting with 'G': 14 bands in database

Adrian Gurvitz (United Kingdom)G-Force (United States)
Gamma (United States)Gary Moore's G-Force (United States)
Genesis (United Kingdom)Gentle Giant (United Kingdom)
Gentrys (United States)German Bonds (Germany)
Godley & Creme (United Kingdom)Graeme Edge Band (United Kingdom)
Graham Gouldman (United Kingdom)Grand Funk Railroad (United States)
Harmony Grass (United Kingdom)Ian Gillan (United Kingdom)

Pop Rock artists starting with 'G': 106 artists in database

Adrian GurvitzAl Greenwood
Alfred GrundAlti Grund
Andrew GoldAndy Göldner
Anthony YoulisBarry Goldberg
Bernd GärtigBo Glover
Bobby GrahamBrian Gannon
Bruce GordonCarol Grimes
Charlie GrimaClive Griffiths
Colin GreenDarby Gould
Dave GilmourDave Glover
Dave GrayDave Green
Dave GreenfieldDave Greenslade
David GarrickDel Gough
Derek GordonDominique Grandjean
Don GradyEd Gagliardi
Forrest "Frosty" GreenFrançois Garzoni
Fritz "Freddy" GraackGary Grainger
Gary GreenGeoff Gray
GerónimoGlenn Shorrock
Graeham GobleGraham Gouldman
Grhaam GalleryGunther Gorman
Harald GrosskopfHeinz Gembus
Ian GillanIlja Gort
Jim GannonJim Grant
Joe GorskiJohn Gordon
John GordonJohn Gustafson
Jude GoldKeith Gеmmel
Kevin GodleyKim Gardner
Leigh GormanLenny Lee Goldsmith
Leopoldo GonzálezLes Gray
Lol CremeLorne Greene
Lou GrammLuther Grosvenor
Mark GutkowskiMel Galley
Mick GaulMickey Gallagher
Mike GardnerMike Gibbins
Murray GracieNick Greenwood
Nicky GebhardNina Gromniak
Paul GildeaPaul Gurvitz
Pete GrantPeter Gabriel
Peter GilmourPeter Goalby
Peter GrayPeter Grund
Randolf GadeRay Greene
Raymond GraffiaRex Goh
Ric GrechRichard Gendreau
Richie Gomez Rinus Gerritsen
Roger GloverRon George
Ron GriffithsRussell Gilbrook
Skip GalletteSkip Griparis
Stan GormanSteve Gold
Steve GrantSteve Gregory
Terry GleasonThom Gimbel
Tim GazeTim Godwin
Tim GormanWolfgang Grasekamp

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