Blues Rock

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      Blues rock was characterized by bluesy improvisation and long jams.

     A classic example of blues rock is Eric Clapton's "Crossroads" first released on Cream's "Wheels of Fire" album. It was adapted from Robert Johnson's "Cross Road Blues" and "Traveling Riverside Blues".


Blues Rock bands starting with 'G': 9 bands in database

Adrian Gurvitz (United Kingdom)Geordie (United Kingdom)
Graham Bond (United Kingdom)Grand Funk Railroad (United States)
Granny's Intentions (Ireland)Grinderswitch (United States)
Groundhogs (United Kingdom)Ian Gillan (United Kingdom)
Johnny Kongos and the G-Men (South Africa (RSA))

Blues Rock artists starting with 'G': 82 artists in database

Adrian GurvitzAl Gay
Alan GerberAlan Glen
Andre GonzalesBarry Goldberg
Bernd GärtigBill Geldard
Billy GibbonsBob Gaspar
Brian "Chico" GreenwoodBrian Gibson
Carol GrimesChris Glen
Clive GriffithsColin Gibson
Colin GreenCraig Gruber
Dave GreensladeDavid Goldflies
Dennis GeaneyDerek Griffiths
Derk GroenDieter Bornschlegel
Drake GleasonEd Grundy
Eduardo GonzálezFrank Gibbon
Gary GraingerGene Miller
Gunther GormanHeinz Glass
Herbie GoinsIan Gillan
Ilja GortJack Grondin
Jan GrothJerzy Goleniewski
Jim GordonJohn Galvin
John GarnerJohn Gilbert
John GordonJulius Golombeck
Ken GudmanKim Gardner
Lanier GreigLaurie Garman
Lenny Lee GoldsmithLou Gramm
Luther GrosvenorMatt Greeley
Mel GalleyMichael Giles
Mick GallagherMick Grabham
Mickey GallagherMike Gillan
Paul GrantPaul Gray
Paul GurvitzPete Gage
Pete GavinPete Grant
Peter GoalbyRay Gillen
Ray GreeneRic Grech
Rick GaxiolaRob Grange
Roger GloverRory Gallagher
Rosko GeeRussell Gilbrook
Stan GreigSteve Gaines
Steve GrantSteve Gregory
Terry GascoigneTim Gaze
Tom GarnUlli Grün

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