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   Pop (an abbreviation of the word “popular”) music exists for mass-market appeal. Ideally, the intention of pop music is to achieve instant memorability. Most pop music is developed from a well-structured combination of repetitive melody and lyric lines (referred as “hooks”) that convey messages of varying importance. Pop is even more chameleon-like than rock in the way it can exist in e seemingly endless array of styles while maintaining its essential structural qualities. Generaly pop’s spiritual home is Top 40 and middle-of-the-road adult radio formats.[1]

     Alhough pop is rarely more than a fairly pleasant diversion, at its best it can possess powerful  sentiment  and melodic invention that transcend mere craftsmanship; consider, for example, a deceptively simple song like the BeatlesYesterday”. Exaples: Bread, the Carpenters, Neil Diamond, Michael Bolton, Art Garfunkel, Lionel Richie, Sade, Simply Red, Dione Warwick, and Swing Out Sister.[1]

     Pop rock is description is applied to a commercially accessible blend or pop song craftsmanship and production values, which still incorporates elements of rock’s immediacy. Artists who have delved into this approach include: Bon Jovi, Peter Frampton, Fleetwood Mac, Billy Joel,  the Guess Who, Extreme, and World Party.[1]

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Pop Rock bands starting with 'F': 25 bands in database

Adam Faith With The Roulettes (United Kingdom)Andy Fraser (United Kingdom)
Fable (United Kingdom)Fair Weather (United Kingdom)
Fancy (United Kingdom)Faron's Flamingos (United Kingdom)
Ferrets (Australia)Fighters (Norwey)
Finders Keepers (United Kingdom)First Class (United Kingdom)
Five Americans (United States)Flake (Australia)
Flash and the Pan (Australia)Floating Circus (United States)
Floribunda Rose (United Kingdom)Flower Pot Men (United Kingdom)
Flying Circus (Australia)Foreigner (United Kingdom - United States)
Forminx (Greece)Fox (United Kingdom)
Free (United Kingdom)Friends (United Kingdom)
Fringe Benefit (United Kingdom)Fruitgums (United States)
James King and the Farinas (United Kingdom)

Pop Rock artists starting with 'F': 84 artists in database

Adam FaithAlan Fitzgerald
Andy FraserBarry Flast
Billy FiccaBob Frost
Bobby FalloonBobby Fisher
Bruce FoxtonCarol Ferante
Chris FarloweChris Frazier
Craig FrostDave Flett
David FaragherDavid Farmer
David FeinsteinDavid Foster
David FreibergDon Francisco
Doug FergusonDoug Fieger
F.D.Fergie Frederiksen
Frank BarnardGeorgie Fame
Gordon "Snowy" FleetGraham Flight
Graham FooteHans Jürgen Fritz
Jan FrideJim Frank
John FarnhamJohn Fiddler
John FisherJohn Fogerty
John FoxxJose Raul Feliciano
Ken FirthKevan Fogarty
Kevan FoggertyLarry Ferguson
Linda FieldsMalcolm Foster
Mark FarnerMick Flinn
Mike FergusonMitch Farmer
Mitchell FroomMo Foster
Neil FinnPaul Flannagan
Perry FordPete Farndon
Peter FentonPeter Freiberger
Peter FrenchPeter Furrer
Ray FenwickRay Ferguson
Reuben San FianscoRic Formosa
Richard FortunatoRichie Furay
Rick FennRick Foster
Robert FarrantRoger Flavell
Ron FoosRon Fransen
Shannon ForrestSteve Farris
Steve FieldingSvein Finjarn
Sverre FagerliTim Finn
Tom FogertyTony Fenelle
Tony FergusonTony Franklin
Vic FaulknerWarwick Findlay
Werner FröhlichWerner Frangenberg

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