Punk Rock

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     Typical punk rock instrumentation includes one or two electric guitars, an electric bass, and a drum kit, along with vocals. Punk rock songs tend to be shorter than those of other popular genres—on the Ramones' debut album, for instance, half of the fourteen tracks are under two minutes long. Most early punk rock songs retained a traditional rock 'n' roll verse-chorus form and 4/4 time signature.



Punk Rock bands starting with 'C': 9 bands in database

Cardiac Kidz (United States)Cash Pussies (United Kingdom)
Celia and The Mutations (United Kingdom)Chelsea (United Kingdom)
Clash (United Kingdom)Cockney 'n' Westerns (United Kingdom)
Code Blue (United States)Corpse Grinders (United States)
Cortinas (United Kingdom)

Punk Rock artists starting with 'C': 70 artists in database

Al CrosbyAndy Christell
Belinda CarlisleBlair Cunningham
Bob CasperBob O'Connor
Brian ChevetteBruno Carone
Captain SensibleCelia Gollin
Charlotte CaffeyCliff Cultreri
Cliff HangerDan Catsis
Darby CrashDave Collard
David CairnsDavid Clarkson
Dean ChamberlainDejan Cukić
Derol CaracoDez Cadena
Dianne ChaiEd Case
Exene CervenkaGeoff Colville
George CartwrightGerard Carbonel
Gerry CottGlyn Collins
Greg Van CookGyp Casino
Hollie CookHugh Cornwell
James ChanceJamie Crompton
Jayne CaseyJimmy Criss
Joe CrowJohn Catto
John ConteJohn Corbett
John Valentine CarruthersJohnny Chunders
Josie CottonKnox Chandler
Lexington CraneLolita Carabine
Mark CoxMartin Chambers
Mass CentiNick Cash
Pat CollierPaul Cook
Peter CrooksPhilo Cramer
Richard CitroenRobert Crash
Sean CruseSimon Croft
Simon CroweSoo Catwoman
Steve CarterSteve Conte
Steve CorfieldSteven Cannell
Terry CassidyTerry Chimes
Tim CrossTony Coiro

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