Canterbury Scene

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0-9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Picture   The Canterbury scene (or Canterbury sound) is a term used to loosely describe the group of progressive rockavant - garde and jazz musicians, many of whom were based around the city of Canterbury, Kent, England during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

    The Canterbury scene is largely defined by a set of musicians and bands with intertwined memberships. These are not tied by very strong musical similarities, but a certain whimsicality, touches of psychedelia, rather abstruse lyrics, and a use of improvisation derived from jazz are common elements in their work. “The real essence of 'Canterbury Sound' is the tension between complicated harmonies, extended improvisations, and the sincere desire to write catchy pop songs.” “In the very best Canterbury music...the musically silly and the musically serious are juxtaposed in an amusing and endearing way.


Canterbury Scene bands starting with 'C': 5 bands in database

Caravan (United Kingdom)Carol Grimes and Delivery (United Kingdom)
Centipede (United Kingdom)Circus (United Kingdom)
Cos (Belgium)

Canterbury Scene artists starting with 'C': 21 artists in database

Channa SalononsonChris Cutler
Cotton CasinoFrançois Causse
Gabriel CostaGraham Clark
Ian CarrIlona Chale
Jeff ClyneLol Coxhill
Mel CollinsMica Comberti
Mick CollinsMino Cinelu
Mont CampbellPatrick Cogneaux
Richard CoughlanRobert Calvert
Sandy ColleySergio Castillo
Steve Cook

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