Blues Rock

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      Blues rock was characterized by bluesy improvisation and long jams.

     A classic example of blues rock is Eric Clapton's "Crossroads" first released on Cream's "Wheels of Fire" album. It was adapted from Robert Johnson's "Cross Road Blues" and "Traveling Riverside Blues".


Blues Rock bands starting with 'C': 23 bands in database

C.C.S. (United Kingdom)Cactus (United States)
Carol Grimes and Delivery (United Kingdom)Carson (Australia)
Carson County Band (Australia)Cellar Dwellers (United States)
Chants (Australia)Chants R&B (New Zealand)
Chapman-Whitney (United Kingdom)Chickenfoot (United States)
Cochise (United Kingdom)Collective Consciousness Society (United Kingdom)
Colosseum (United Kingdom)Coloured Balls (Australia)
Copperwine (Australia)Coverdale · Page (United Kingdom)
Crawler (United Kingdom)Cream (United Kingdom)
Creedence Clearwater Revival (United States)Crowd + 1 (United States)
David Coverdale (United Kingdom)Eric Clapton (United Kingdom)
Lobby Loyde & The Coloured Balls (Australia)

Blues Rock artists starting with 'C': 145 artists in database

Alan "Aker" ClarkeAlan Clark
Alex ContiAllen Collins
Andy ChapinAndy Chapman
Andy CichonBernie Cheevers
Beto CorréaBill Church
Billy CarmassiBJ Cole
Bob "Cee" SiebenbergBob Cardwell
Bobby CappsBobby Cochran
Brian ChattonBruce Crump
Carol ChaseChas Chandler
CherClayborne Butler Cotton
Clem CattiniClem Clempson
Clive ChamanCurt Cress
Danny ChaunceyDave "Bucket" Colwell
Dave CastleDavid Coverdale
Davis CauseyDennis Chambers
Denny CarmassiDominic Conjardo
Dorman CogburnDoug Clifford
Ed CassidyEd Clemens
Eddie CampbellEric Chipulina
Eric ClaptonFrank Cassamento
Frank ChicGary Clarke
Gerald V. CasaleGreg Colbert
Howie CaseyIan Campbell
Jack CasadyJack Corcoran
Jack CostelloJackie Carter
James L. CurryJeff Carlisi
Jeff CressmanJim Capaldi
Jim CopleyJim Cregan
Joey CovingtonJohn Cameron
John CannJohn Capek
John CipollinaJohn Cruickshank
John LaGrandJohnny Colt
Jon CampJorge Casas
José CuissetKenny Craddock
Kurt CusterLarry Cruzier
Laurence CottleLeon "Ndugu" Chancler
Les CondonLol Coxhill
Lonnie Joseph CastilleLouis Cennamo
Luis CabazaLynn Carey
Mac CrawfordMalcolm Cecil
Mark ClarkeMax Carl
Mel CollinsMichael Carabello
Michael CartelloneMick Clarke
Mick CocksMick Cook
Mike St. ClairMojo Collins
Nicko ChristiansenOran Coltrane
Paddy ChambersPaolo Cardoso
Papa John CreachPat Couchois
Paul ChapmanPaul Crowder
Paul CullenPete Carr
Pete ChymonPete Correa
Pete CruickshankPete Cummins
Peter ClackPhil Chen
Philip ChenPhillip Crooks
Ray CookRay Craig
Richard CantuRick Cobb
Rod CoombesRoger Chapman
Roger CoulamRy Cooder
Sérgio CaffaSammy Coleman
Scott CraigSpencer Conway
Sterling CrewSteve Calabria
Steve CropperStu Cook
Terry ChimesTerry Cox
Tim CashionTom Connor
Tom CosterTommy Clufetos
Tony CarrTony Coe
Toy CaldwellTrevor Courtney
Turiya Alice ColtraneVinicius Cantuária
Vivian CampbellVorriece Coope
Wally CondonWayne Cook
Wilgar CampbellWinicjusz Chróst
Zal Cleminson

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