Surf Rock

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0-9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Picture  Surf music is a  genre  of  popular music associated with  surf culture, particularly as found in Orange County and other areas of Southern California. It was especially popular from 1961 to 1966, has subsequently been revived and was highly influential on subsequent rock music.

   It has two major forms: largely instrumental surf rock, with an electric guitar or saxophone playing the main melody, largely pioneered by Dick Dale and the Del-Tones, and vocal surf pop, including both surf ballads and dance music, often with strong harmonies that are most associated with the Beach Boys.

Surf Rock bands12 bands in database

Surf Rock artists: 103 artists in database

Al NicholAllan Bates
Ben TroutBernadett Wälle
Bill BeckmanBill Castle
Bob FrostBobby Holmquist
Brian “Shirt” TalbotBrian Hudson
Brian ParkerBruno Merz
Chas MillsChuck Portz
Clive BarrettDale Walton
Dave ArchultaDel John
Derek DampierDon Murray
Ed BurnsEddie Richards
Errol SaundersFioretta Wälle
François GarzoniFreddy Mangili
Fritz TrippelGünther Sohr
Gary LeportGary Paxton
Gary WinburneGeoff Swettenham
Hank SquiresHarry Sackrider
Heinz "Enzo" ErnstHenry Frandsen
Howard KaylanIan Sinclair
Jürg StockerJesse Sumares
Jim MessinaJim Sholstedt
Jim TuckerJimmy Raither
John "Lon" LyonsJohn Barbata
John CarterJohn Kongos
John PerryJohnny Rogers
Ken KoblunKen Smyth
Kenny HinkleKenny Rowe
Kurt "Düde" DürstLarry Cundieff
Lee MichaelsMandi Trapletti
Mark VolmanMartin Shaer
Mick "Mickey" JohnsonMike Stoffner
Neil YoungNorman Sheffield
Norman StraceyOtto Bumbacher
Otto RichardPete Knight
Peter FurrerPeter Graham
Peter JohnsonPeter Rietmann
Peter SteffenPeter Swettenham
Ray BrownRick West
Rob KearneyRobert Farrant
Roberto CarlottoRobin Shaw
Rod StewartRolf Antener
Ron HouseSkip Battin
Spencer JamesSteve Scott
Terry HandTom Marshall
Tom StantonTommy Nunes
Toni VescoliTony ''H'' Harding
Tony BurrowsTony Ferguson
Tony HardingTony Quero
Tony RiversTony White
Turo PaschayanVera Vescoli
Vic LarkinsWerner Fröhlich
Willy Oeschlin

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