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0-9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Picture     Jazz fusion or jazz rock, is a musical fusion genre that developed in the late 1960s from a mixture of elements of jazz such as its focus on improvisation with the rhythms and grooves of rock and blues and the beats and heavily amplified electric instruments and electronic effects of rock. While the term jazz rock is often used as a synonym for jazz fusion, it also refers to the music performed by late 1960s and 1970s-era rock bands when they added jazz elements to their music such as free-form improvisation.

     During the late 1960s, at the same time that jazz musicians were experimenting with rock rhythms and electric instruments, rock groups such as Cream and the Grateful Dead were beginning to incorporate elements of jazz into their music. Other groups such as Blood, Sweat and Tears directly borrowed harmonic, melodic, rhythmic and instrumentational elements from the jazz tradition.


Jazz Rock bands: 123 bands in database

15-60-75 (United States)20/20 Vision (United Kingdom)
2nd Vision (United Kingdom)4th Cekcion (United States)
A.B. Skhy (United States)Abraxis (Belgium)
Aesop's Fables (United States)Affinity (United Kingdom)
Alto (Germany)Alun Davies (United Kingdom)
Ashton, Gardner & Dyke (United Kingdom)Azteca (United States)
Blue Sun (Denmark)Brian Mulder and The Peanut Butter Conspiracy (South Africa (RSA))
C.C.S. (United Kingdom)Captain Beyond (United States)
Carlos Santana (United States)Carol Grimes and Delivery (United Kingdom)
Centipede (United Kingdom)Cheap Flights (United Kingdom)
Circle Triangle Square (Japan)Circus (United Kingdom)
Clancy (United Kingdom)Collective Consciousness Society (United Kingdom)
Colosseum (United Kingdom)Colosseum II (United Kingdom)
Command All Stars (United Kingdom)Cozy Powell (United Kingdom)
CPR (United States)Cream (United Kingdom)
Delivery (United Kingdom)Dennis (Germany)
Don Harrison Band (United States)Duane Allman (United States)
East of Eden (United Kingdom)Eiliff (Germany)
Embryo (Germany)Emergency (Germany)
ES (Germany)Free Orbit (Germany)
Galliard (United Kingdom)Georgie Fame & Alan Price (United Kingdom)
Gilgamesh (United Kingdom)Ginger Baker (United Kingdom)
Ginger Baker & Friends (United Kingdom)Ginger Baker Trio (United States)
Ginger Baker's African Force (United Kingdom)Ginger Baker's Airforce (United Kingdom)
Ginger Baker's Band (United Kingdom)Gong (France)
Gongmaison (United Kingdom)Graham Bond (United Kingdom)
Groep 1850 (Netrherlands)Group 1850 (Netrherlands)
Guru Guru (Germany)Hatfield and the North (United Kingdom)
Hummingbird (United Kingdom)Ian Gillan (United Kingdom)
Ian Gillan Band (United Kingdom)If (United Kingdom)
Ikarus (Germany)Isotope (United Kingdom)
It's a Beautiful Day (United States)Jeff Beck (United Kingdom)
Jeff Beck Group (United Kingdom)Jimmy Jewell & Ears (United Kingdom)
John Etheridge and Ric Sanders (United Kingdom)John Weider (United Kingdom)
Keef Hartley (United Kingdom)Keef Hartley Band (United Kingdom)
Keef Hartley Big Band (United Kingdom)Kevin Borich Express (Australia)
Klits (Netrherlands)Kollektiv (Germany)
Kraan (Germany)Lagger Blues Machine (Belgium)
Latinomusicaviva (Chile)Loading Zone (United States)
Locomotive (United Kingdom)Lucifer's Friend (Germany)
Maru Sankaku Shikaku (Japan)Matching Mole (United Kingdom)
Metropolis (Germany)National Health (United Kingdom)
New Blues (United States)Niagara (Germany)
Noyes (Australia)Numbers Band (United States)
Pazop (Belgium)PBC (South Africa (RSA))
Peanut Butter Conspiracy (South Africa (RSA))Pierre Moerlen's Gong (United States)
Potemkine (France)Quincy Conserve (New Zealand)
Rebop Kwaku Baah (Ghana)Release Music Orchestra (Germany)
Riff Raff (United Kingdom)RMO (Germany)
Ronnie Montrose (United States)Samurai (United Kingdom)
Santana (United States)Santana Blues Band (United States)
Sea Level (United States)Shand Grenade (United Kingdom)
Soft Head (United Kingdom)Soft Heap (United Kingdom)
Soft Machine (United Kingdom)Solid Gold Cadillac (United Kingdom)
Spin (Netrherlands)Steve Hillage (United Kingdom)
Steve Winwood (United Kingdom)Subway Sect (United Kingdom)
Surrounding Silence (United Kingdom)Thirsty Moon (Germany)
Tomorrow's Gift (Germany)Tony Ashton & Jon Lord (United Kingdom)
Traffic (United Kingdom)Vic Godard & Subway Sect (United Kingdom)
Warm Dust (United Kingdom)Web (United Kingdom)
Wild Cherries (Australia)Wizzard (United Kingdom)
Xhol Caravan (Germany)

Jazz Rock artists1010 artists in database

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