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0-9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Picture     Rock music is a genre of popular music that originated as "rock and roll" in the United States in the 1950s, and developed into a range of different styles in the 1960s and later, particularly in the United Kingdom and the United States.

     The term "classic rock" is often hard to define and, as such, has grown to include an increasingly large number of artists over the years.

     Classic rock really started in the 1960s, as new genres emerged from the 1950s rockabilly and folk rock. Stemming from what is known as AOR, or album oriented rock, these groups were pioneers of their time, creating new kinds of hits that weren't made for Top 40 air play.

Classic Rock bands: 220 bands in database

.38 Special (United States)10CC (United Kingdom)
60,000,000 Buffalo (United States)801 (United Kingdom)
A Foot in Coldwater (Canada)Ace (United Kingdom)
Adrian Gurvitz (United Kingdom)Alan Ross Band (United Kingdom)
Alice Cooper (United States)Alice Cooper (band) (United States)
Alkatraz (United Kingdom)Allman Brothers Band (United States)
Allman Joys (United States)Andromeda (United Kingdom)
Andy Fraser (United Kingdom)Animals (United Kingdom)
Aorta (United States)Argent (United Kingdom)
Ashton, Gardner & Dyke (United Kingdom)Aviary (United States)
Babe Ruth (United Kingdom)Back Street Crawler (United States)
Bad Co (United Kingdom)Bad Company (United Kingdom)
Badfinger (United Kingdom)Baker Gurvitz Army (United Kingdom)
Bandit (United Kingdom)Bel Ami (Germany)
Black Sabbath (United Kingdom)Blackmore's Rainbow (United Kingdom)
Bloontz (United States)Bloontz All Star Blues Band (United States)
Blue Cheer (United States)Brainbox (Netrherlands)
Brass Alley (United Kingdom)British Lions (United Kingdom)
British North American Act (Canada)Bulevar (Yugoslavia)
Byrds (United States)C.C.S. (United Kingdom)
Cactus (United States)Caravan (United Kingdom)
Carol Grimes and Delivery (United Kingdom)Chapman Whitney Streetwalkers (United Kingdom)
Chapman-Whitney (United Kingdom)Charlie (United Kingdom)
Charlie Cuckoo (United Kingdom)Cheap Flights (United Kingdom)
Clancy (United Kingdom)Cochise (United Kingdom)
Collective Consciousness Society (United Kingdom)Contraband (Australia)
Coven (United States)Coverdale · Page (United Kingdom)
Crawler (United Kingdom)Crazy Elephant (United States)
Crazy World of Arthur Brown (United Kingdom)Cream (United Kingdom)
Creedence Clearwater Revival (United States)Crosby, Stills & Nash (United States)
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (United States)David Byron (United Kingdom)
David Coverdale (United Kingdom)David Crosby (United States)
Deep Purple (United Kingdom)Delaney & Bonnie (United States)
Delivery (United Kingdom)Derek and the Dominos (United States)
Detective (United States)Dingoes (Australia)
Dirty Tricks (United Kingdom)Dodgers (United Kingdom)
Don Harrison Band (United States)Duane Allman & Gregg Allman (United States)
Eggs Over Easy (United Kingdom)Ellis (United Kingdom)
Epitaph (Germany)Eric Burdon and the Animals (United Kingdom)
Eric Clapton (United Kingdom)Exception (United States)
Fable (United Kingdom)Faces (United Kingdom)
Family (United Kingdom)Fast Buck (United Kingdom)
Flint (United States)Flower Pot Men (United Kingdom)
Flying Burrito Bros (United States)Foreigner (United Kingdom - United States)
Free (United Kingdom)Freeway (Australia)
Fresh Cream (United Kingdom)Frost (United States)
Frumpy (Germany)Galaxy (United States)
Gene Parsons (United States)Genesis (United Kingdom)
Gentle Giant (United Kingdom)Gentrys (United States)
Geoff Whitehorn (United Kingdom)Geordie (United Kingdom)
Gillan (United Kingdom)Ginger Baker & Friends (United Kingdom)
Ginger Baker And His Baker Gurvitz Army (United Kingdom)Glencoe (United Kingdom)
Glenn Hughes (United Kingdom)Graham Gouldman (United Kingdom)
Grand Funk Railroad (United States)Groundhogs (United Kingdom)
Gulliver (United States)Gun (United Kingdom)
Halfbreed (United Kingdom)Hammersmith (Canada)
Hardin & York (United Kingdom)Hawkwind (United Kingdom)
Highway Robbery (United States)Hilton Valentine (United Kingdom)
Hotlegs (United Kingdom)Humble Pie (United Kingdom)
Ian Gillan (United Kingdom)Island (Canada)
It's a Beautiful Day (United States)Jeff Beck (United Kingdom)
Jefferson Starship (United States)Jethro Tull (United Kingdom)
John "Rabbit" Bundrick (United States)John Kay & Steppenwolf (United States)
John Kongos (South Africa (RSA))John Weider (United Kingdom)
Judas Priest (United Kingdom)Keef Hartley Band (United Kingdom)
Kevin Borich Express (Australia)Kilburn and the High Roads (United Kingdom)
Kossoff Kirke Tetsu Rabbit (United Kingdom)Liar (United Kingdom)
Little River Band (Australia)Loading Zone (United States)
Lone Star (United Kingdom)Lovecraft (United States)
LRB (Australia)Lucifer's Friend (Germany)
Luna (United States)Mama Lion (United States)
Manfred Mann's Earth Band (United Kingdom)Manpower (United Kingdom)
Mistress (United States)Mixtures (Australia)
Montrose (United States)Mott (United Kingdom)
Natural Gas (United Kingdom)Odyssey (United States)
Okko, Lonzo, Berry, Chris & Timpe (Germany)Ones (Germany)
Ozzy Osbourne (United Kingdom)Parrish & Gurvitz (United Kingdom)
Paul Kossoff (United Kingdom)Paul Rodgers (United Kingdom)
Pilot (United States)Pink Mice (Germany)
Poco (United States)Pretenders (United Kingdom)
Quicksilver (United States)Quicksilver Messenger Service (United States)
Racing Cars (United Kingdom)Rainbow (United Kingdom)
Ram Jam (United States)Randy, Pie & Family (Germany)
Rattles (Germany)Ray Owen's Moon (United Kingdom)
Renaissance (United Kingdom)Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow (United Kingdom)
Rod Stewart (United Kingdom)Roger McGuinn (United States)
Ronnie Montrose (United States)Roundabout (United Kingdom)
Rubicon (United States)Sailor (United Kingdom)
Santana (United States)Shacklock (United Kingdom)
Sharks (United Kingdom)Simon Kirke (United Kingdom)
Skip Battin (United States)Skip Battin Combo (United States)
Small Faces (United Kingdom)St. Paradise (United States)
Stealers Wheel (United Kingdom)Stephen Stills (United States)
Steppenwolf (United States)Stockley See Mason Band (Australia)
Stoneground (United States)Stray Dog (United States)
Streetwalkers (United Kingdom)Stud (United Kingdom)
Suzi Quatro (United States)Sweathog (United States)
Taste (Ireland)Tea and Symphony (United Kingdom)
Tee-Set (Netrherlands)Terra Nova (United Kingdom)
Them (United Kingdom)Thirty Eight Special (United States)
Three Man Army (United Kingdom)Tornados (United Kingdom)
Toto (United States)Traffic (United Kingdom)
Trapeze (United Kingdom)Trigger (United States)
Tucky Buzzard (United Kingdom)Uriah Heep (United Kingdom)
Valentines (Australia)Van Halen (United States)
Vanda & Young (Australia)Vinegar Joe (United Kingdom)
Wallenstein (Germany)Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders (United Kingdom)
Wet Willie (United States)Who (United Kingdom)
Wild Turkey (United Kingdom)Wizzard (United Kingdom)
Zombies (United Kingdom)ZZ Top (United States)

Classic Rock artists1803 artists in database

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