Christian Rock

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0-9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Picture      Christian rock is a form of rock music played by individuals and bands whose members are Christians and who often focus the lyrics on matters concerned with the Christian faith. The extent to which their lyrics are explicitly Christian varies between bands. Much Christian rock has ties to the contemporary Christian music (CCM) scene, while other bands are independent.

     The Christian rock genre is most popular in the United States,  although some Christian bands have worldwide popularity.


Christian Rock bands7 bands in database

Christian Rock artists: 46 artists in database

André DumontBob Terrell
Bruce WhitesideCarole King
Carole PaquinChuck Slater
Claude DuchesneauDave Tamblyn
David AthertonDennis Sullivan
Don LowerEd Durkos
François KirouacFred Caban
Gilles BergeronGlenn Schwartz
Greg BrownJacques Mercure
Janice MorganJean Piché
Jeff JonesJim Hess
Joe MarkkoJohn Peckhart
Kim MassmanLarry Hill
Marc LebelMichael Welch
Michel MartelMike ???
Mike BerkeyMike Jungkman
Morgan KingNorris McClure
Pam MassmanRandy Markko
René DepereRichard Greenburg
Sonny De VoreSteve Nelson
Terry WellsTim Hill
Tom EritanoTom Miller
Yves ChevalieZeke Nuez

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