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Brian Poole & The Tremeloes
United Kingdom

Years: 1958 - 1966
Styles: Beat, Rock and Roll


Graham Scott - Lead guitar (in band: 1958 - 1962)
Brian Poole - Guitar, Lead vocals (in band: 1958 - 1966)
Alan Blakely - Rhythm guitar, Vocals (in band: 1958 - 1966)
Alan Howard - Bass Guitar, Saxophone (in band: 1958 - 1966)
Dave Munden - Drums, Vocals (in band: 1958 - 1966)


Rick Westwood - Lead guitar, Vocals (in band: 1962 - 1965)

Biography Picture

     One of the most enjoyable and at the same time one of the lesser-known groups of period "British Invasion", Brian Poole & The Tremeloes, was formed in 1958. Founded it dagenhemskie teenagers Brian Poole (vocals, guitar), Alan Blakely (drums), Alan Howard (saxophone) and Graham Scott (guitar). With the arrival of Dave Munday responsibilities were redistributed bit - Pool Blackley gave guitar and Howard switched to bass.

    By 1961, the team has become quite professional enough to train in local clubs and on dance floors. At that time, the group was left without Scott, and in its place appeared Rick Westwood.

     Her songs were heard on the radio, and in 1962 this led to a contract with Decca. The label, however, insisted on changing the signs on Brian Poole & the Tremeloes by analogy with the Cliff Richard & the Shadows. Musicians have released some covers of other artists, but the singles with their own compositions failed. The team tried to fix the situation by bringing the rhythm guitar to the fore, and the result was not slow in coming. Her version of "Twist and Shout" took fourth place in the British charts.

     Then, at the top of the charts was "Do You Love Me", as soon as she was released Beatles with his "She Loves You". In the next two years Brian Poole & the Tremeloes continued churning out hit singles (mostly covers) type "Candy Man" and "I Want Candy". The group appeared in several films and appeared often on television. The musicians have enjoyed success until 1965, when they began the work of stagnation.

     Brian Poole & the Tremeloes continued to walk the beaten path, not wanting to invent anything new. Even their stage image remains unchanged. Meanwhile, Brian Poole evolved stellar illness, and the team has been brewing for a split. By the end of 1965 Poole left the band to pursue a solo career, but he did not succeed, and he tied up with music. The Tremeloes continued as a four-piece band.



Big Big Hits Of '62 (May, 1963)
Twist And Shout (1963)
Brian Poole Is Here! (1965)
It's About Time (Apr, 1965)

Singles & EPs

Twist Little Sister (Apr 20, 1962)
Blue (Sep 21, 1962)
A Very Good Year For Girls (Jan, 1963)
Keep On Dancing (Mar, 1963)
Twist And Shout (Jun, 1963)
Do You Love Me (Sep 6, 1963)
I Can Dance (Nov, 1963)
Candy Man (Jan, 1964)
Twenty Miles (May, 1964)
Someone, Someone (May 1, 1964)
Twelve Steps To Love (Aug 14, 1964)
Three Bells (Nov 27, 1964)
Time Is On My Side (Mar, 1965)
After Awhile (Apr 9, 1965)
I Want Candy (Jul 16, 1965)
Good Lovin' (Nov 5, 1965)

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