Garage Rock

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Tommy Fogerty and The Blue Velvets
United States

Years: November 1959 - 1964
Styles: Beat, Garage Rock


John Fogerty - Guitar, Vocals (in band: November 1959 - 1964)
Stu Cook - Bass Guitar, Piano (in band: November 1959 - 1964)
Doug Clifford - Drums (in band: November 1959 - 1964)
Tom Fogerty - Vocals (in band: November 1959 - 1964)

Biography Picture

     The Blue Velvet founded sometime in the year 1959 as a high school band in El Cerrito. The founding members are John Fogerty (guitar), Doug Clifford (drums) and Stu Cook (piano).

    In November 1959, John's older brother, Tom, joined the band. From now on the band calls itself "Tommy Fogerty & The Blue Velvets." Under this name they released three singles: "Come On, Baby" / "Oh My Love" (Orchestra 617, 1961 US), "Have You Ever Been Loneley?" / "Bonita" (Orchestra 1010, 1961 US) and "Yes You Did" / "Now You're Not Mine" (Orchestra 1962 US).

     1964 brings the contract with Fantasy Records. The band's new name is: The Golliwogs. The name-change was decided both unknown to and unwanted by the musicians. The Golliwogs put out a series of singles.

     The music is clearly Beatles-influenced sound, at least on the songs composed by Tom. The few songs written by John, on the other hand, already give a flavor of CCR!


Singles & EPs

Come On Baby (Oct, 1961)
Have You Ever Been Lonely (Nov, 1961)
Now You're Not Mine (Jun, 1962)

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