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United Kingdom

Years: 1963 - 1965
Styles: Beat, Mod Rock, Rhythm and Blues


Ian McLagan - Acoustic guitar , Organ, Piano, Rhythm guitar, Vocals


Dave Pether - Guitar
Pete Brown - Bass Guitar
Nick Tweddell - Harmonica
Mick 'Chippie' Carpenter - Drums
Johnny Eaton - Lead vocals
Terry Brennan - Lead vocals

Biography Picture

    The Muleskinners were a R&B outfit from west London, overlooked but for one small fact. The Muleskinners featured a very young Ian McLagan. Mac played guitar and keyboards in the band and this is an unreleased demo session culled from acetate. Never before released but expressing the true rhythm & blues of the original mod era.
    McLagan of course passed into the mod pantheon because of his role in the legendary Small Faces. Later with The Faces he became a true rock superstar. This is his first steps on the ladder.


Singles & EPs

Back Door Man (Jan 22, 1965)
Knockout R&B With The Muleskinners (Jul 19, 2010)

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