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Santa Barbara Machine Head
United Kingdom

Years: 1967
Styles: Blues Rock


Twink - Drums (in band: 1967)
Kim Gardner - Bass Guitar (in band: 1967)
Jon Lord - Keyboards (in band: 1967)
Ron Wood - Guitar (in band: 1967)

Biography Picture

    Santa Barbara Machine Head was a short-lived group whose members achieved greater notoriety long after these recordings were issued. 

     Ronnie Wood (guitar) is now in The Rolling Stones, having served time as Rod Stewart's better half in The Faces and The Jeff Beck GroupJon Lord played in one of the world’s biggest rock bands - Deep Purple, where his distinctive keyboard approach always had a home. Kim Gardener (bass) played in various ill-fated bands, one of which was the legendary Creation, and drummer Twink made his mark in Tomorrow and the Pretty Things.

     They recorded three instrumental songs together for Immediate Records; "Albert", "Porcupine Juice" and "Rubber Monkey", released in 1968 on the compilation album "Blues Anytime Vol.3 - An Anthology Of British Blues".

     All four members later went on to achieve success and notoriety with other bands.

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Blues Anytime Vol.3 - An Anthology Of British Blues (1968)

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