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King Size Taylor & The Dominoes
United Kingdom

Years: Summer 1961 - 1964
Styles: Beat, Rock and Roll


Cilla Black - Vocals (in band: Summer 1961 - August 1962)
Dave Lovelady - Drums (in band: Summer 1961 - August 1962)
Bobby Thompson - Bass Guitar, Vocals (in band: Summer 1961 - March 1962; September 1962 - May 1964)
Ted "Kingsize" Taylor - Lead guitar, Saxophone (in band: Summer 1961 - May 1964)
John Frankland - Rhythm guitar, Vocals (in band: Summer 1961 - May 1964)
Sam Hardie - Keyboards (in band: Summer 1961 - November 1963)


Steve Aldo - Vocals (in band: August 1963 - November - 1963)
Howie Casey - Saxophone (in band: August 1963 - November - 1963)
Ken Shalliker - Bass Guitar (in band: March 1962 - August 1962)
Dave Woods - Saxophone (in band: November 1963 - may 1964)
Gibson Kemp - Drums (in band: September 1962 - May 1964)

Biography Picture    Kingsize Taylor and the Dominoes were a British rock and roll band, formed in Liverpool in the summer 1961  by Ted "Kingsize" Taylor (so called for his 6' 5" height),  John Frankland, Sam Hardie, Bobby Thompson, Dave Lovelady and Cilla Black.

     They first performed at the Cavern Club in 1961, when they featured 17-year-old singer Cilla White, who was mistakenly renamed Cilla Black later that year by Bill Harry in an article in his magazine Mersey Beat. Soon after that appearance, At the beginning of 1962, the band were placed sixth in a Mersey Beat readers' poll, topped by the Beatles. Cilla Black sang regularly with the group until 1962.

    In early 1962, Ken Shalliker replaced Bobby  Thompson on bass for several months when Thompson temporarily joined Rory Storm and the Hurricanes. In the summer, the band (without Cilla Black) went to Hamburg, where they began making regular appearances at the Star-Club. Dave Lovelady left later in the year, and was replaced briefly by Brian Redman and then by Gibson Kemp. 

     Kingsize Taylor and the Dominoes were signed by Decca Records in Germany, and also recorded there for the Philips and Ariola labels. They added saxophonist Howie Casey in 1963; later that year, Sam Hardie left to join Tony Sheridan's band, and was replaced by a second sax player, Dave Woods. In 1963 they recorded an album, "Live At The Star Club for Ariola", with whom they had a recording contract, but were also persuaded to make a separate album for Polydor. The album, "Let's Do the Slop, Twist, Madison, Hully Gully...", was released under the pseudonym of The Shakers.

      All the recordings by Kingsize Taylor and the Dominoes were covers of rock and roll and rhythm and blues songs by other artists; they wrote no songs themselves. Their biggest success in Germany was a version of Solomon Burke's "Stupidity", also released on the Decca label in the UK. While in Germany, they also performed regularly in Kiel and Berlin, and acted as backing group for Alex Harvey, before returning to the UK to back Chuck Berry and Carl Perkins on tour in 1964. They also appeared on the British TV show Ready Steady Go!.

     The original Kingsize Taylor and the Dominoes split up at the end of 1964, with the Dominoes - Frankland, Casey, Thompson and Kemp, with singer Paddy Chambers - remaining in the UK to work. Taylor returned with his German wife to Hamburg, where he played lead guitar for the Griff Parry Five.

      Thompson joined Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers, and then The Rockin' Berries in 1965. Frankland and Kemp formed a new group, The Eyes, with future actor Lewis Collins, before Kemp formed the trio Paddy, Klaus & Gibson, with Paddy Chambers and Klaus Voormann; he later worked in A&R. Taylor reunited with Hardie, Davies, Frankland and others for occasional performances from the 1990s onwards.

     In 1999, Bear Family Records issued the complete Ariola recordings by Kingsize Taylor and the Dominoes. Taylor returned to live in Germany in 2006, and continued to perform with a band called The Brotherhood of Rock 'n' Soul.

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Shakers' Twist Club (1964)

Singles & EPs

Memphis Tennessee (Jun, 1963)
The Fortune Teller (Nov, 1963)
Hello Josephine (1964)
Sky Boat Song (1964)
Teenbeat 2 (Apr, 1964)
Stupidity (Apr, 1964)

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