Hard Rock

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United Kingdom

Years: 1973 -1974
Styles: Blues Rock, Classic Rock


Roger Chapman - Harmonica, Lead vocals, Percussion (in band: 1973 - 1974)
Charlie Whitney - Guitar, Steel guitar (in band: 1973 - 1974)


Max Middleton - Keyboards
Michael Giles - Drums
Ian Wallace - Drums
Ric Grech - Bass Guitar
John Wetton - Backing vocals, Bass Guitar
Tim Hinkley - Backing vocals, Keyboards
Neil Hubbard - Guitar
Boz Burrell - Backing vocals
Jim Cregan - Backing vocals
Linda Lewis - Backing vocals
Godfrey McLean - Congas
Poli Palmer - Backing vocals, Vibraphone

Biography Picture     After Family’s break up in 1973, Roger Chapman and Charlie Whitney signed to the Reprise label in 1973 and recorded  "Streetwalkers" (1974) with a lineup including other members of Family (co-founder Ric Grech on bass, former bassists John Wetton and Jim Cregan providing bass and backing vocals and backing vocals respectively) and King Crimson (Wetton, plus saxophonist Mel Collins and drummers Ian Wallace and Michael Giles).

    During this period keyboard player Blue Weaver appeared with them at concerts, such as the Reading Festival in the summer of 1974. Bobby Tench from The Jeff Beck Group  and  Hummingbird was also featured in their fluid, informal touring band line up and appeared at concerts such as in Hyde Park, London, the same year.

    After recording the album "Streetwalkers", Chapman and Whitney changed the name of their band to Streetwalkers and Tench joined them as an official band member.

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Streetwalkers (1974)

Singles & EPs

Roxianna (Jun 21, 1974)

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