Psychedelic Rock

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Zoot Money
United Kingdom

Years: 1960 – present
Styles: Psychedelic Rock, Rhythm and Blues


Zoot Money - Backing vocals, Guitar, Hammond organ, Keyboards, Piano, Vocals (in band: 1960 - present)

Biography Picture    George Bruno Money, 17 July 1942, Bournemouth, Hampshire, England. A veteran of his home town’s thriving music circuit, and a pioneer of Hammond organ-based British R&B, alongside Georgie Fame and Graham Bond. Money played in several local rock ‘n’ roll groups before forming the Big Roll Band in 1961.

     Money became famed as much for dropping his trousers onstage as for his undoubted vocal talent, and several of the line-up were notorious imbibers. Yet this lifestyle was reversed in 1967, when Money, Somers and Allen embraced the emergent ‘flower-power’ movement with Dantalian’s Chariot. However, by the following year Money had resumed his erstwhile direction with "Transition", a disappointing release which was pieced together from several sessions.

     In 1968, both Money and Somers joined Eric Burdon in his American-based New Animals. Zoot’s vocals were heard on a number of tracks with Burdon, notably a lengthy reworking of his Dantalian’s Chariot showpiece, "Madman Running Through The Fields". Additionally, his spoken dialogue was featured on some of Burdon’s more self-indulgent efforts on "Everyone Of Us". Money completed the uneven solo recording "Welcome To My Head" on the group’s demise before returning to London.

    He continued an itinerant path with Centipede, Grimms and Ellis, before joining Somers in the Kevin Coyne and Kevin Ayers bands. In 1980, Zoot released the low-key "Mr. Money", following which he played on numerous sessions and enjoyed a new career as a character actor in television drama and comedy. In the early 90s he was music controller for Melody Radio, but was back on the road by the mid-90s. He has appeared as a featured artist with Georgie Fame, Chris Farlowe, Spencer Davis, Mick Taylor, Alan Price, Geno Washington and Humble Pie, in addition to working with a new line-up of the Big Roll Band and touring his one-man blues show. He also produced albums for Ruby Turner and Woodstock Taylor.



Transition (1968)
Welcome To My Head (1996)
Zoot Money (1970)
Mr.Money (1980)

Singles & EPs

The Uncle Willie (Aug 21, 1964)
No One But You (May, 1970)
The Two Of Us (Jun, 1980)
Your Feets Too Big (Sep, 1980)

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