Classic Rock

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United Kingdom

Years: 1970 - July 1972
Styles: Blues Rock, Classic Rock, Progressive Rock


Jim Cregan - Acoustic guitar , Lead guitar, Lead vocals, Vocals (in band: 1970 - 1972)
John Wilson - Drums, Percussion (in band: 1970 - 1972)
Charlie McCracken - Acoustic bass guitar, Acoustic guitar , Bass Guitar (in band: 1970 - 1972)


John Weider - Guitar, Piano, Violin, Vocals (in band: 1971 - July 1972)

Biography Picture    Stud were formed in 1970 by Richard Mccracken and John Wilson (from the recently disbanded band Taste who featured Rory Gallagher) and Jim Cregan (of Blossom Toes and later in Family).

     Debut LP which was released to little acclaim. While the musicianship on show is top notch, some of the material lacks distinction and meanders too often. The LP sold poorly and Deram declined the option of a second LP.

     Luckily extensive touring in Germany paid off in terms of the trio finding a new sponsor with the German BASF label.   In addition, prior to recording their sophomore LP the trio added former Eric Burdon and the Animals and Family multi-instrumentalist John Wider to the lineup.

     After the studio work, they went back on stage the next album followed already in fall '71. This album was also recorded at Command Studios and published at the end of '71, entitled “September”. In the meantime, Stud had changed the record company so that this album had the label “BASF”. “September” was quite different from the debut album, a fact which might be put down to John Weider, who wrote most of the songs. They had left the jazz-rock style, 

     Bassist Charlie McCracken ended up in the reformed Spencer Davis Group with Eddie Hardin, and these two went on to form Axis Point with Charlie Whitney.

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Stud (1971)
September (1972)
The Swf Session 1972 (2009)

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