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United States

Years: 1967 - 1971
Styles: Folk Rock, Garage Rock, Pop Rock, Psychedelic Rock


Steve Perron - Vocals
Cassell Webb - Vocals
Luis Cabaza - Bass Guitar, Organ, Piano, Tuba, Vibraphone
Andrew Szuch Jr. - Drums
William Ash - Guitar

Biography Picture     The Children were a psychedelic folk rock band from San Antonio consisting of Stephen Perron, William Ash, Luis Cabaza, Cassell Webb, and Andrew Szuch Jr.

     They only released one album ("Rebirth", in 1968) and a few singles. "From The Very Start", a gorgeous ballad, didn't make the Billboard Hot 100, but did make it onto the Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart.




Rebirth (1968)

Singles & EPs

Picture Me (Jul, 1967)
Maypole (Nov, 1968)
From The Very Start (Aug, 1970)
Hand Of A Lady (Jan, 1971)

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