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Mother Earth
United States

Years: 1967 - 1977
Styles: Blues Rock, Country Rock, Folk Rock


John "Toad" Andrews - Guitar, Lead guitar
Tracy Nelson - Backing vocals, Keyboards, Piano, Vocals
Powell St. John - Harmonica, Harp, Vocals
Robert Arthur - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Martin Fierro - Alto saxophone, Flute, Saxophone, Tenor saxophone
Mark Naftalin - Keyboards, Organ, Piano
George Rains - Drums, Saxophone


Andrew McMahon - Backing vocals, Organ, Piano
Karl Himmel - Drums
Ronald Stallings - Saxophone, Vocals
Bob Cardwell - Backing vocals, Guitar
Wayne Talbert
Boz Scaggs - Rhythm guitar
Clayborne Butler Cotton - Organ, Piano
Lonnie Joseph Castille - Drums
David Zettner - Backing vocals, Bass Guitar
James Day - Pedal steel guitar

Biography Picture    Mother Earth was an eclectic American blues rock band formed in 1967 in California, fronted by Tracy Nelson. Nelson, who hailed from Madison, Wisconsin, began her career as a solo artist, but formed the Mother Earth ensemble after moving to San Francisco.

    The group performed at the Fillmore West in the late 1960s alongside Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Eric Burdon, and was included on the soundtrack to the 1968 film "Revolution".

   The group signed to Mercury Records, recording four albums. Mike Bloomfield played guitar on their 1968 release "Living with the Animals" and Boz Scaggs was a member of the group on their 1969 release "Make A Joyful Noise". After the first album, Mother Earth moved their base of operations from the Bay Area to a farm outside Nashville. Their manager and producer was Travis Rivers.

    After LPs with Reprise Records, "Bring Me Home"  the ensemble continued to tour as Nelson's backup band but did not record anymore. They finally called it quits in early 1977.



Living With The Animals (1968)
Make A Joyful Noise (1969)
Satisfied (1970)
Bring Me Home (1971)

Singles & EPs

Revolution (May, 1968)
Down So Low (Nov, 1968)
Mother Earth (Apr, 1969)
Wait, Wait, Wait (Jul, 1969)
Satisfied / Andy's Song (Sep, 1970)
I'll Be Long Gone (Oct, 1971)

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