Garage Rock

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United States

Years: 1961 - 1965
Styles: Garage Rock, Surf Rock


John Barbata - Drums
Tommy Nunes - Lead guitar
Peter Graham - Rhythm guitar
Gary Winburne - Bass Guitar
Bobby Holmquist - Saxophone


Harry Sackrider - Rhythm guitar
Kenny Hinkle - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Lee Michaels - Keyboards, Vocals
Ben Trout - Bass Guitar

Biography Picture     The Sentinals were a surf rock band from San Luis Obispo, California. The original lineup consisted of Tommy Nunes on lead guitar, Peter Graham on rhythm guitar, Gary Winburne on bass guitar, Bobby Holmquist on sax and Johnny Barbata on drums.

    In the summer of 1962, the group toured the country and opened for bands including The Coasters and The Righteous Brothers.

  Though they possessed a classic surf rock sound, The Sentinals were unique in their incorporation of Latin American influences, thanks to guitarist Tommy Nunes, who shines on tunes like "Latinia" and "Latin Soul"

    The Sentinals broke up in the mid-1960s, with future psychedelic-soul keyboardist/singer Lee Michaels joining for some time (although he did not record with them).


Big Surf! (1963)
Surfer Girl (1963)
Vegas Go Go (1964)

Singles & EPs

Latin'Ia / Tor-Chula (Jul, 1962)
Latin Soul (Dec, 1962)
Big Surf (Feb, 1963)

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