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Steve Winwood
United Kingdom

Years: 1963 - present
Styles: Blues Rock, Jazz Rock, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Soft Rock


Steve Winwood - Acoustic guitar , Bass Guitar, Claves, Clavinet, Drum Machine, Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, Lead guitar, Mandolin, MiniMoog, Moog synthesizer, Organ, Percussion, Piano, Rhythm guitar, Synthesizer, Violin, Vocals (in band: 1963 - present)

Biography Picture     Stephen  Lawrence  "Steve"  Winwood is an English musician whose genres include rock, blue-eyed soul, rhythm and blues,blues rock, pop rock, and jazz. A multi-instrumentalist, he can play keyboards, bass guitar, drums, guitar, mandolin, violin, and other strings.[2]

    At the age of 15 Winwood joined the Spencer Davis Group, where hev hed 3 massive hits "Keep on running", "Somebody Help Me" and "Gimme Some Loving", between 1963 _ Apr, 1967.[1]

    During this time Winwood joined forces with guitarist Eric Clapton as part of the one-off group Eric Clapton and the Powerhouse. Songs were recorded for the Elektra label, but only three tracks made the compilation album, "What's Shakin'".[2]

      Winwood met drummer Jim Capaldi, guitarist Dave Mason, and multi-instrumentalist Chris Wood when they jammed together at The Elbow Room, a club in Aston, Birmingham. After Winwood left the Spencer Davis Group in April 1967, the quartet formed Traffic. Early in Traffic's formation, Winwood and Capaldi formed a songwriting partnership, with Winwood writing music to match Capaldi's lyrics. This partnership was the source of most of Traffic's material, including popular songs such as "Paper Sun" and "The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys", and outlived the band, producing several songs for Winwood and Capaldi's solo albums.[2] Picture

      In 1969, Winwood joined Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Rick Grech in the supergroup Blind Faith, and although their stay was not long in the rock world, they managed a No. 1 on both sides of Atlantic.[1]

     Early the next year, he joined Ginger Baker’s Airforce, but returned to Traffic in 1971 after another 3 years stay. Having resigned to Island in 1976 his first solo venture was an eponymous effort in 1977. In 1988, he had his first solo No.1, when „Roll With It” (the single and the album) peaked. Winwood is easy laid–back quality rock artist, whose contibution to music has only been matched by that of Eric Clapton.[1]

   Weariness with the grind of touring and recording prompted Winwood to leave Traffic and retire to sessioning for some years. Under pressure from Island Records, he resurfaced with his self-titled first solo album in 1977. This was followed by his 1980 hit "Arc of a Diver" (which included his first solo hit, "While You See a Chance") and "Talking Back to the Night" in 1982. Both albums were recorded at his home in Gloucestershire with Winwood playing all instruments.[2]

    In 1986, as his relationship was faltering he moved to New York. There he enlisted the help of a coterie of stars to record "Back in the High Life" in the US, and the album was a hit. He topped the Billboard Hot 100 with "Higher Love", and earned two Grammy Awards: for Record of the Year and Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. Winwood embarked on an extensive tour of North America in support of the album.[2]

     In 1994, Capaldi and Winwood reunited Traffic for a new album, "Far From Home", and a tour, including a performance at Woodstock '94 Festival. In 1997, Winwood released a new album, "Junction Seven", toured the US and sang with Chaka Khan at the VH-1 Honors. Winwood also appeared in the film "Blues Brothers 2000", as a member of the Louisiana Gator Boys, appearing on stage with Isaac HayesEric Clapton, and KoKo Taylor at the battle of the bands competition.[2]

    In July 2007, Winwood performed with Eric Clapton in the latter's Crossroads Guitar Festival. A new studio album, "Nine Lives", was released 29 April 2008 by Wincraft Music through Columbia Records. The album opened at #12 on the Billboard 200  album chart, his highest US debut ever. In 2008, he was awarded an honorary doctorate from the Berklee College of Music to add to his honorary degree from Aston University, Birmingham.[2]

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2.This biography is from Wikipedia, the free collaborative encyclopedia. Used under licence and subject to disclaimers.


Steve Winwood (Jun, 1977)
Arc Of A Diver (Dec, 1980)
Talking Back to the Night (Aug 2, 1982)
Back in the High Life (Jun, 1986)
Roll with It (Jun 21, 1988)
Refugees of the Heart (Nov 5, 1990)
Junction Seven (Jun 3, 1997)
About Time (Jun 17, 2006)
Nine Lives (Apr 29, 2008)

Singles & EPs

Time Is Running Out / Luck's In (Aug, 1977)
Time Is Running Ou / Hold On (Aug, 1977)
While You See A Chance (Jan, 1981)
Spanish Dancer (Mar, 1981)
Arc Of A Diver / Dust (Apr, 1981)
Night Train (Sep, 1981)
There's A River (Nov, 1981)
Still In The Game (Jul, 1982)
Valerie (Oct, 1982)
Your Silence Is Your Song (Jun, 1983)
Higher Love / And I Go (Jun, 1986)
Freedom Overspill (Sep, 1986)
The Finer Things (Jan, 1987)
Back In The High Life Again (Jan, 1987)
Valerie / While You See A Chance (Sep, 1987)
Talking Back To The Night (Feb, 1988)
Roll With It (Jun, 1988)
Holding On (Oct, 1988)
One And Only Man (1990)
I Will Be Here (1991)

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