Hard Rock

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United Kingdom

Years: 1970 - 1971
Styles: Hard Rock, Progressive Rock


Paul Kendrick - Acoustic guitar , Bass Guitar, Vocals
Mick Ware - Acoustic guitar , Guitar, Vocals
Bob Hodges - Celesta, Hammond organ, Harpsichord, Mellotron, Piano, Vocals
Derrick Gough - Drums


Tony Mac - Drums

Biography Picture   The story of the making of the Czar started in 1969 when Tuesdays Children were asked by Philips Records to make an album. The line up of the band was then Mick Ware on guitar, Paul Kendrick on bass guitar, Bob Hodges on Hammond organ and Derrick Gough on drums.

  The first gig as Czar was at Londons' Marquee Club in Wardour Street on 17th January 1970, and although we still had a couple of gigs booked as Tuesdays Children, after that we became known as Czar. Unfortunately in January 1970 Derrick Gough decided to quit the band and group held auditions for a new drummer on 15th February 1970 at Bells Studios in Ilford, Essex. Czar had advertized in the Melody Maker and audtioned 9 drummers that day. Czar offered the job to a guy called Alan from Hampstead.

     After one gig in March 1970, drummer Alan split from the band and we had a series of dep drummers until Tony Mac joined in July 1970. The band was also having management problems and consequently when the album "Czar" was finally released in May 1970, there was virtually no promotion.

     The first thing about the album is the heavy use of guitars as well as the ubiquitous 60s/70s Mellotron and Hammond Organs. Although Brian Shepherd was the nominal producer of the album, he did not attend many of the sessions and the two engineers, Dave Voyde and Roger Wake did the production in conjunction with the band. They are credited as 'Production Engineers' on the LP sleeve and whilst they looked after the technical side of the recording, it was left up to the band themselves to arrange the music in the way that they wanted.



Czar (1970)

Singles & EPs

Oh Lord I'm Getting Heavy (Dec 4, 1970)

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