Psychedelic Rock

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United States

Years: 1968
Styles: Psychedelic Rock


Kent Henry - Lead guitar (in band: 1968)
Bob Metke - Drums (in band: 1968)
Fred Rivera - Bass Guitar (in band: 1968)
John Kooken - Rhythm guitar, Vocals (in band: 1968)
Sue Richman - Vocals (in band: 1968)

Biography Picture     In 1968, there was an American band that was also named Genesis. It was a psychedelic rock group based in Los Angeles which released one album "In the Beginning" in 1968. The name conflict was known to the record label of UK Genesis, which is why their debut album "From Genesis to Revelation" coyly omitted the band’s name except in the album title.

     While both bands suffered poor sales for their debuts, the US band broke up in late 1968 not long after one of their members was drafted into the army.




In The Beginning (1968)

Singles & EPs

Gloomy Sunday (1968)
Angeline (May, 1968)

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