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Years: 1965 - 1979
Styles: Beat, Classic Rock, Pop Rock, Psychedelic Rock


Carry Janssen - Drums (in band: 1965)
Gerard Romeyn - Bass Guitar, Guitar (in band: 1965 - 1966)
Polle Eduard - Bass Guitar, Guitar (in band: 1965 - 1967; 1975)
Peter Tetteroo - Guitar, Piano, Vocals (in band: 1965 - 1979)


Henry van der Bos - Keyboards
Peter Seilberger - Organ, Piano
Ab Tamboer - Drums
Robbie Plazier - Keyboards, Organ (in band: 1965 - 1966)
Hans van Eijck - Keyboards (in band: 1966 - 1967; 1968 - 1979)
Ferdy Karmelk - Guitar (in band: 1967)
Ray Fenwick - Guitar (in band: 1967)
Jan-Pieter Boekhoorn - Keyboards (in band: 1967)
Joop Blom - Drums (in band: 1967 - 1970)
Franklin Madjid - Bass Guitar (in band: 1967 - 1979)
Dill Benninck - Guitar (in band: 1968 = 1970)
Herman van Boeyen - Drums (in band: 1970)
Ferry Lever - Guitar (in band: 1970 - 1975)
Max Sprangenberg - Drums (in band: 1970 - 1979)

Biography Picture    Tee-Set from Delft was formed in 1965 by singer Peter Tetteroo (ex-Shats). They were initially an R&B band, but their repertoire became more and more poppy over the years. From 1967, their records were released on their own Tee-Set Records label (a first on the Dutch pop scene).

   The first line-up included: Peter (vocals), Carry Janssen (drums, later to Nico Haak), Gerard Romeyn (guitar/bass, 1966-67 on guitar, to The Motions) and Rob "Polle" Eduard (guitar/bass). In 1966, Robert Plazier (keyboards, ex-C-Sounds, later with Nico Haak) came on board.

    Hans van Eijck (guitarist of Jumping Pop-in) composed a few songs for their debut album "Emotion". After the release of the album Robert Plazier was ousted in favour of Hans van Eijck, who switched to organ. Early 1967, Gerard Romeyn left to join The Motions as a replacement for Robbie van Leeuwen. English guitarist Ray Fenwick (ex-Syndicats, where he'd replaced Steve Howe) joined the Tee Set with Polle Eduard now permanently on bass. In the Spring of 1967, there were squabbles between singer Peter Tetteroo (backed by manager Theo Kuppens) and the rest of the band.

    1969 saw the return of Hans van Eijck from his stint with After Tea. The line-up of Tetteroo, van Eijck, Madjid, Blom and Bennink recorded the worldwide hit "Ma Belle Amie" (#5 in the Billboard Hot 100 in 1970), but the personnel changes continued. First Blom was replaced by Herman van Boeyen (ex-Fullhouse, to Supersister) on drums, but soon afterwards he left and Max Spangenberg joined. Ferry Lever left After Tea to join the Set on guitar. This line-up remained stable for a few years scoring hits like "She Likes Weeds" (their only Dutch #1 hit) which was banned in the USA for drug connotations, (of course) denied by the band.

      The group disbanded in 1975, but briefly reunited in 1979 and 1983. Their former lead singer, Peter Tetteroo, died in September 2002 from liver cancer, at the age of 55.



Emotion (1966)
Join The Tea Set (1968)
Forever (1969)
Ma Belle Amie (1970)
In The Morning Of My Days (1970)
Non-Perishable (1972)
Do It Baby (1975)

Singles & EPs

Early In The Morning (Aug 20, 1966)
Believe What I Say (Oct 15, 1966)
Don´t You Leave (Dec, 1966)
Don´t You Leave / Long Ago (Jan, 1967)
Please Call Me (Apr, 1967)
Now´s The Time (Aug, 1967)
What Can I Do (Nov, 1967)
Tea Is Famous (Jan, 1968)
Life´s But Nothing (Apr, 1968)
This Rose In My Hand (Sep, 1968)
Mr. Music Man (Mar, 1969)
Ma Belle Amie (Jun, 1969)
If You Do Believe In Love (1970)
She Likes Weeds (1970)
Finally In Love Again (1970)
In Your Eyes (I Can See The Lies) (1971)
Little Lady (1971)
A Sunny Day In Greece (1971)
Shotguns (1972)
Mary Mary (1972)
There Goes Johnny (With My Lady) (1973)
You Bringing Me Down (1973)
The Bandstand (1974)
Do It Baby (1975)
Baby Let Your Hair Grow Long (1976)
I'll Be Lost Without Your Lovin' (1977)
Linda Linda (1978)
TV Boy (1979)

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