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Help Yourself
United Kingdom

Years: 1970 - 1973; 2002 - 2003
Styles: Country Rock, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Pub Rock


Ken Whaley - Bass Guitar (in band: 1970 - 1971; 1973; 2002 - 2003)
Dave Charles - Drums, Percussion, Vocals (in band: 1970 - 1973)
Richard Treece - Bass Guitar, Guitar, Harmonica, Lead guitar, Vocals (in band: 1970 - 1973; 2002 - 2003)
Malcolm Morley - Bass Guitar, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals (in band: 1970 – 1973; 2002 – 2003)


Ernie Graham - Guitar (in band: 1971)
Jonathan "Jojo" Glemser - Guitar (in band: 1971)
Paul Burton - Bass Guitar (in band: 1971 - 1973)
Sean Tyla - Guitar, Vocals (in band: 1972 - 1973)
Kevin Spacey - Drums (in band: 2002 - 2003)

Biography Picture    Help Yourself formed in London in 1970, originally as a backing band for singer-songwriter Malcolm Morley, who had left Sam Apple Pie and been signed as a solo act by Famepushers.

    The eponymous debut album, "Help Yourself", was recorded from late 1970 to early 1971. Malcolm Morley, (guitars/keyboards/vocals) wrote all the songs on this album, which was recorded with another former Sam Apple Pie member Dave Charles (drums/percussion/vocals), ex member of Monday Morning Glory Band, Richard Treece (guitars/vocals/harmonica) and former Growth member Ken Whaley (bass). 

     The band toured on the Downhome Rhythm Kings package with Brinsley Schwarz & Ernie Graham (ex Eire Apparent). After the tour, Ken Whaley was fired. Help Yourself joined Man and Leicester band Gypsy, on a tour of Switzerland. The second album "Strange Affair" was recorded at the Grange, initially with Richard Treece still on bass, and adding his guitar parts later, until Paul Burton, their then Road Manager and former Sam Apple Pie roadie, joined on bass, to complete the album. "Strange Affair" was released in early 1972, by which time both Graham and Glemser had left.

    The new line up of Burton, Morley, Treece and Charles appeared on their first Peel Session in April 1972  and recorded the next album "Beware of the Shadow" almost immediately. Sean Tyla, who had been the band's roadie, helped with some of the songwriting. Shortly after completing the album, the band left Headley Grange, Tyla moved in with ex member Ken Whaley, and they formed Ducks Deluxe.

    The fourth album did not sell well either, and the band were not getting many gigs, so they were surprised when United Artists asked them to record another album, which they started recording in July 1973, with a line-up augmented by Sean Tyla. The album was to be called "5" and a cover was commissioned from Rick Griffin. They only had “half formed ideas” and although they eventually laid down 8 tracks, they gave up recording and disbanded in August 1973.

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Help Yourself (1971)
Strange Affair (1972)
Beware The Shadow (1972)
The Return Of Ken Whaley (1973)

Singles & EPs

Running Down Deep (Apr 9, 1971)
Heaven Road (1972)
Heaven Row / Brown Lady (Mar 17, 1972)

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