Country Rock

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Meal Ticket
United Kingdom

Styles: Country Rock, Folk Rock


Willy Finlayson - Guitar, Keyboards, Lead vocals
Rick Jones - Keyboards, Vocals
Steve Simpson - Fiddle, Guitar, Harmonica, Keyboards, Mandolin, Violin, Vocals
Ray Flacke - Guitar, Vocals
Jack Brand - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Chris Hunt - Drums, Percussion
Alan Coulter - Drums
Rod Demick - Bass Guitar

Biography Picture     Meal Ticket were a country rock band that played the London pub circuit in the 1970s. Rick Jones, a Canadian ex-patriate and known for television appearances on Play School and Fingerbobs, wrote many of their songs.

     The band performed the theme to the British Broadcasting Corporation's Play For Today play, The Flipside of Dominick Hide and Another Flip for Dominick, called "You'd Better Believe It Babe". The band released three albums; "Code Of The Road" (1977), "Three Times A Day"(1977) and "Take Away" in 1978.



Code Of The Road (1977)
Three Times A Day (1977)
Take Away (1978)

Singles & EPs

Out Of The Blue (May 27, 1977)
Yesterday's Music (Sep 2, 1977)
The Shape I'm In (Mar 2, 1979)
Blame (May 4, 1979)

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