Folk rock

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United Kingdom

Years: 1971 - 1972
Styles: Folk, Psychedelic Rock


Susan Graubard Archuletta - Guitar, Koto, Shakuhachi, Viola, Vocals
Mike Evans - Guitar, Mandolin (in band: 1971 - 1972)
Ian Whiteman - Oboe, Organ, Piano, Shakuhachi, Vocals (in band: 1971 - 1972)
Roger Powell - Drums (in band: 1971 - 1972)
Conrad Archuletta - Banjo, Nay, Shakuhachi, Vocals, Zither (in band: 1971 - 1972)

Biography Picture       

     After Mighty Baby had gained some success by mid 1971, this group was given a contract to make a next  album of whatever they wanted. The musicians involved (including three members of UK underground legends Mighty Baby) had been profoundly affected, both musically and spiritually, by visiting Morocco in 1971, and became adherents of the sufi faith. Upon their return to London they made "If Man But Knew". 

    The result partly was at it's best a perfect musical meditation -the group had meditated before each recording trying to unite as much as possible with the music-, and just a little bit, especially for the singing parts, a hippie-fashioned form of more mind-blank pure-devotional music. They didn’t have Moroccan instruments, so they played this with zither, piano, sakuhachi, banjo, oboe, koto, mandola (replacing the oud), ney flute, Bina organ (an Indian hand organ, the most common instrument for those traditions), and hand drums.

    The two members who were not of Mighty Baby were Susan and Conrad Archuletta who had played with the Floating Lotus Magic Opera Company. Susan studied violin with Ali Akhbar Khan, besides she had also cooperated with electronic composer Don Buchla and with soundscape artist Christopher Tree.



If Man But Knew (1972)

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