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Sandra Barry & the Boys
United Kingdom

Years: 1963 -1964
Styles: Beat


Sandra Barry - Vocals (in band: 1963 -1964)
Reg King - Lead vocals (in band: 1963 -1964)
Alan "Bam" King - Lead guitar (in band: 1963 -1964)
Mike Evans - Bass Guitar (in band: 1963 -1964)
Roger Powell - Drums (in band: 1963 -1964)

Biography Picture    British singer Sandra Barry (Sandra Alfred) started out on the radio and in film – notably in a St Trinian’s cinematic gem – before launching herself into the world of pop under several aliases. In 1963 she reinvented herself as Sandra Barry.

    Sandra Barry & the Boyfriends was formed in Kentish Town, North London in late 1963. This was later shortened to Sandra Barry and the Boys. Reg King wrote the single "Really Gonna Shake" which was issued on Decca Record in March 1964. This was the only single released by this line-up was not a big-seller.

    The Boys changed their name to The Action in 1965 about the same time that Pete Watson joined as the second guitarist.

Singles & EPs

Really Gonna Shake (Mar, 1964)

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