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United Kingdom

Years: Jun, 1964 - Mar, 1965
Styles: Beat


Paddy Chambers - Guitar, Vocals (in band: Jun, 1964 - Mar, 1965)
Gibson Kemp - Drums (in band: Jun, 1964 - Mar, 1965)
John Frankland - Rhythm guitar, Vocals (in band: Jun, 1964 - Mar, 1965)
Lewis Collins - Bass Guitar (in band: Jun, 1964 - Oct, 1964)


Klaus Voormann - Bass Guitar (in band: Oct, 1964 - Mar, 1965)
Johnny Phillips - Saxophone (in band: Oct, 1964 = Mar, 1965)

Biography Picture    Gibson Kemp was Ringo Starr's replacement in Rory Storm & The Hurricanes, whom he joined in September 1962. In February '63 he moved on to Kingsize Taylor & The Dominoes, who at that time included John Frankland on rhythm guitar and vocals. In June 1964, the Dominoes defected from Taylor and Paddy Chambers, a former member of Faron's Flamingos and The Big Three joined the group.

    After just a few weeks, Chambers, Kemp and Franland jumped ship and, after recruiting bassist Lewis Collins, formed a new group called The Eyes, left Liverpool and moved to Hamburg, Germany.

    In October '64, while the group was still in Germany, Collins departed and the band brought in a saxophonist, Johnny Phillips, who had previously been with the Roadrunners and Klaus Voorman, who had never previously played with a band. Voorman was a graphic designer who had befriended the Beatles during their Hamburg days.

    In March 1965, Frankland and Phillips left. Now reduced to a trio, the Eyes returned to Liverpool and re-christened themselves "Paddy, Klaus & Gibson". Back in England, they became the first group to be managed by the future founder of Charisma, Tony Stratton-Smith.

    Stratton-Smith helped them secure a contract with Pye Records and booked them into the Pickwick Club where they were seen by the Beatles. At their suggestion, Brian Epstein bought out the groups' contact from Stratton-Smith.


Singles & EPs

She / Peanut Butter (Feb, 1965)

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