Blues Rock

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Johnny Kongos and the G-Men
South Africa (RSA)

Years: 1962 - 1964
Styles: Blues Rock, Surf Rock


John Kongos - Guitar, Lead guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Hank Squires - Guitar


Ed Burns - Bass Guitar
Rob Kearney - Drums
Jesse Sumares - Guitar
Henry Frandsen - Rhythm guitar
Ian Sinclair - Bass Guitar
Errol Saunders - Drums

Biography Picture    Singer/songwriter and guitarist Johnny Kongos had formed his first group, The Dukes, when he was 15 years old and began carving out a local following playing at his mother’s club, the Fireplace in Boksburg.

     Joined by former Mickie Most & The Playboys guitarist Hank Squires in 1962, the group morphed into Johnny Kongos & The G-Men and over the next three years released nearly twenty singles and half a dozen albums for the Teal and RCA labels.

   In late 1963, Kongos made his first exploratory visit to the UK but despite auditioning for a couple of major labels, and running into Hank Squires’s former band leader, Mickie Most, now a fledging producer, Kongos failed to make an impact.

    Empty handed, he returned to Jo’burg and reformed The G-Men. Plans to consolidate his earlier successes, however, were soon thrown in the air when the singer was called up for national defence training in late 1964.



Johnny And The G-Men (1962)
On Tour With The G-Men (1962)
The G-Men (1963)
This Is Johnny (1963)
It's All Happening (1964)
Oh Boy! (1964)

Singles & EPs

Johnny And The Mermaid (Sep, 1962)

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