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Randy Holden
United States

Years: 1959 - 1970; 1993 - present
Styles: Acid Rock, Blues Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Psychedelic Rock


Randy Holden - Bass Guitar, Guitar, Vocals (in band: 1970 - 1971; 1993 - present)


Chris Lockheed - Drums (in band: 1970 - 1971)
Dave Depraved - 12 string acoustic guitar (in band: 1993)
Robert Baur - Bass Guitar (in band: 1993)
Paul Whaley - Drums (in band: 1993)
Rachel Pratt - Vocals (in band: 1993)
Randy Pratt - Bass Guitar (in band: 1997)
Darren Lyons - Drums (in band: 1997)
Phil Weiss - Drums (in band: 1997)
Rachel Stavage - Vocals (in band: 1997)

Biography Picture     Randy Holden was born in Pennsylvania and grew up on the move. He played in a number of bands including The Iridescents (blues rock), Fender IV (surf rock) and the Sons of Adam (surf rock/psychedelic rock). Holden relocated the Fender IV from Baltimore, Maryland to Southern California and they eventually became the Sons of Adam. While playing in the Sons of Adam Holden opened for the Rolling Stones at their first show at the Long Beach Sports Arena. Holden was heavily influenced by Keith Richards' guitar and amp set up which helped change his own attitude towards equipment and tone. The Sons of Adam (specifically Holden) began experimenting with distortion and feedback which pushed into psychedelic rock. Holden left the band frustrated with the lack of original material.

     Holden joined up with The Other Half, a psychedelic garage band from Los Angeles. They recorded one album together before Holden parted ways. He then replaced Leigh Stephens in Blue Cheer and appeared on one side of the album "New! Improved! Blue Cheer" (1969). Holden toured with Blue Cheer for an entire year before once again parting ways.

    Frustrated with lack of control over the bands, Randy formed his next new band with drummer Chris Lockheed. Lockheed, also a keyboard player, uniquely played both drums and keyboard simultaneously in live performances. During this time Holden obtained a sponsorship deal with Sunn amplifiers. Through this he received his legendary sixteen 200 Watt amplifiers. The band recorded its only album, "Population II" (1969). Trouble with the release of the album led to Holden going bankrupt, losing all his equipment and his departure from music for over two decades.

     After more than two decades he returned to his guitar, and began creating music again, reportedly by the continual urgings of a loyal fan. He recorded "Guitar God" in 1993 and released "Guitar God 2001" in 2001, followed in 2008 with the release of "Raptor".

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Population II (1970)
Guitar God (1997)
Guitar God 2001 (2001)

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