Garage Rock

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Allman Joys
United States

Years: Summer, 1965 - Mar, 1967
Styles: Classic Rock, Garage Rock, Southern Rock


Van Harrison - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Maynard Portwood - Drums
Gregg Allman - Organ (in band: 1965 - 1967)
Duane Allman - Guitar (in band: 1965 - 1967)


Bobby Dennis - Rhythm guitar
Jack Jackson - Rhythm guitar
Ralph Ballinger - Bass Guitar
Tommy Amato - Drums
Ronnie Wilkins - Piano
Charlie Winkler - Guitar
Allison Miner - Vocals
Tommy Anderson - Drums
Bob Keller - Bass Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
Mike Alexander - Bass Guitar
Bill Connell - Drums

Biography Picture     The Allman Joys was an early band with Duane and Gregg Allman fronting. It was originally the Escorts, but it eventually evolved into the Allman Joys.

    Duane and Gregg were playing with the local bands like the Shufflers, Escorts, the Y-Teens. After Gregg graduates from high school (Duane never quite finished high school) The Allman Joys play their first gig outside of Daytona Beach, FL at the Stork Club in Mobile, AL. They play at the same venue for a few weeks. Bass player Van Harrison is replaced by Bob Keller.

    In 1966 The Allman Joys' back up a teenage girl vocal trio called The Sandpipers, out of Pensacola, FL at the Sahara Club in Pensacola.  A bootleg recording of 'The Allman Joys' backing The Sandpipers does exist as a testimony to this union and includes the song “Remember (Walking in the Sand).”

   Joe Tex’s manager caught the Allman Joys at one of the Southern teen clubs and they eventually recorded two albums worth of material for his label, Dial Records. One single was released, a “terrible psychedelic” version of Willie Dixon’sSpoonful” which went mercifully unnoticed. After listening to the other tracks, Buddy Killen (head of Dial Records) advised the band to “go look for a day job.” Picture   While a year of constant playing and touring strengthened Gregg and Duane’s determination and musicianship, it devastated drummer Manard Portwood, who was eventually fired. The bass, Bob Keller, was in and out of the band, trying to strengthen up troubles with his wife. One of the two percussionists in the present Allman Brothers Band, Butch Trucks, played the same club circuit with his band the Bitter Ind and sometimes sat in with the Allman Joys.

    In ’67, following the demise of the Joys, Gregg and Duane were living out of a van without so much as a telephone to contact a lawyer, or anyone else. They cruised on down to Nashville, and combined forces with drummer Johnny Sandlin, keyboard artist Paul Hornsby, and a “cat called the Wolf” on bass; part of another fragmented band called the Five Minutes.  The group signed with Liberty Records under the name of Hour Glass.


Early Allman Featuring Duane And Gregg Allman (1973)

Singles & EPs

Spoonful / You Deserve Each Other (Sep, 1966)

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