Hard Rock

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Gillan & Glover
United Kingdom

Years: 1987 - 1988
Styles: Hard Rock


Ian Gillan - Harmonica, Vocals (in band: 1988)
Roger Glover - Bass Guitar, Guitar, Keyboards (in band: 1988)

Biography Picture     In 1988, Roger Glover and fellow Deep Purple member, Ian Gillan, recorded the side-project album, "Accidentally on Purpose". Almost two decades later, Glover played with Ian Gillan during Gillan's brief solo tour in 2006.

    While recording the Deep Purple album "House Of Blue Light", Gillan and Glover wrote some songs that didn't fit into the Purple formula. During the American leg of the tour Ian Gillan and Roger Glover choose to travel by bus and while enjoying themselves they continued to write more songs.

     Roger Glover and Ian Gillan went to New York where they finished and mixed the album. Ian Gillan still had a contract with his old record company, Virgin records, and they released it in February 1988. The album itself is a very varied piece of music that mixes a lot of different styles. 


Accidentally on Purpose (Feb, 1988)

Singles & EPs

Dislocated / Chet (Nov, 1987)
She Took My Breath Away (Jan, 1988)

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