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United Kingdom

Years: 1961 - Jan, 1965
Styles: Beat, Pop Rock


Jimmie Richards - Drums (in band: 1961 - 1962)
Ronnie Brown - Vocals (in band: 1961 - 1963)
Roy Brown - Guitar (in band: 1961 - 1964)
Mac Broadhurst - Saxophone (in band: 1961 - Jan, 1965)
Dave Walker - Rhythm guitar, Vocals (in band: 1961 - Jan, 1965)
Mick Walker - Bass Guitar, Rhythm guitar (in band: 1961 - Jan, 1965)


John Ewing - Drums (in band: 1962)
Alan Morley - Drums (in band: 1962 - Jan, 1965)
Mick Blythe - Guitar (in band: 1964 - Jan, 1965)

Biography Picture   The Redcaps original line-up in 1961 was lead guitarist Roy Brown and his vocalist brother, Ronnie Brown who then recruited the Walker twins (Mick and Dave) plus sax player Mac Broadhurst and drummer Jimmie Richards. The group was originally managed by Roy and Ronnie's dad and they went on the road as "Ronnie King and The Redcaps" - the typical (at the time) "him and them" outfit with a frontman and backing group.

 It was this line-up that went to France in 1962. Jimmie Richards soon left the group to be replaced by John Ewing . Ewing stayed only a few months where upon Jimmie Richards re-joined only to leave, yet again-and be replaced by Alan Morley in late 1962.

    During an on-stage "misunderstanding" between Ronnie and Dave one evening regarding when to come in with the vocal following an intro, Ronnie stormed off never to be seen again. 'Ronnie King and The Redcaps' now became 'The Redcaps' with the soulful and very able Dave Walker taking on all lead vocals as well as rhythm guitar. Roy Brown left the group for health reasons after the second single and was replaced in May, 1964 by Mick Blythe.

      The Redcaps disbanded in January 1965.


Singles & EPs

Shout / Little Things You Do (Aug, 1963)
Talking About You (Dec, 1963)
Funny Things / Mighty Fine Girl (May, 1964)

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