Blues Rock

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United Kingdom

Years: 1967 - Jul, 1968
Styles: Blues Rock


Frank Kenyon - Lead guitar (in band: 1967)
Mike Gillan - Vocals (in band: 1967)
Terry Sims - Drums (in band: 1967 - 1968)
Neil Marshall - Bass Guitar (in band: 1967 - Jul, 1968)


Chris Smith - Vocals (in band: 1968)
Bill Ward - Drums (in band: Feb,1968 - Jul, 1968)
Tony Iommi - Lead guitar (in band: Jan, 1968 - Jul, 1968)

Biography Picture    Mythology were an English blues band based in Carlisle that formed in early 1967, out of The Square Chex. The founding members of the band were bassist Neil Marshall , lead singer Mike Gillan, lead guitarist Frank Kenyon and Terry Sims on drums.

     The band featured future Black Sabbath founding members Tony Iommi and Bill Ward. On 30 April 1968, the band supported The Move at the 101 Club in Carlisle and on 4 May 1968 they supported Gary Walker and the Rain at the Clockwork Orange in Chester, Cheshire.

     Mythology had some regional success but eventually disbanded after an incident where all four members were arrested and fined 15 pounds for possession of cannabis resin on May 27, 1968.

     Ward and Iommi, along with Ozzy Osbourne and Geezer Butler, founded a new band, the Polka Tulk Blues Band, later called Earth and finally renamed Black Sabbath.


Live at the Queens Hotel, Silloth, UK

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