Blues Rock

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United States

Years: 1972 - Feb, 1975
Styles: Blues Rock, Hard Rock


David Feinstein - Guitar (in band: 1972 - 1973)
Ronnie James Dio - Bass Guitar, Vocals (in band: 1972 - 1975)
Gary Driscoll - Drums, Percussion (in band: 1972 - 1975)
Micky Lee Soule - Keyboards, Piano, Vocals (in band: 1972 - 1975)


Steve Edwards - Guitar (in band: 1973 - 1975)
Craig Gruber - Bass Guitar (in band: 1973 - 1975)
Mark Nauseef - Percussion (in band: 1975)

Biography Picture     Elf was a rock band founded in 1967 by singer and bassist Ronnie James Dio, keyboardist Doug Thaler, drummer Gary Driscoll, and guitarists Nick Pantas and David Feinstein (Dio's cousin). The band was originally called The Electric Elves, but was shortened to The Elves in 1968 and finally Elf in 1972. Elf disbanded in 1975 after recording three albums and after most of the lineup had been absorbed into Ritchie Blackmore's new group, Rainbow.

    Elf's self-titled debut album was produced by Deep Purple members  Roger Glover and Ian Paice, who happened to see Elf auditioning in 1972. For the next few years, the band enjoyed mild success as an opening act for Deep Purple.

    Dio both sang and played the bass guitar until, following the release of Elf's first album, Craig Gruber was asked to join as bass guitarist. In August 1973 Feinstein quit the band and was replaced by Steve Edwards.

   Though Elf had been writing and recording its third album, "Trying to Burn the Sun" at the same time, following the completion of that album and the Rainbow album, Elf was no more. "Trying to Burn the Sun" was eventually released in the U.S. in June 1975.

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Elf (1972)
Carolina County Ball (1974)
Trying To Burn The Sun (1975)

Singles & EPs

Sit Down Honey / Gambler Gambler (1972)
Hoochie Koochie Lady / First Avenue (Nov 17, 1972)
L.A. 59 / Ain't It All Amusing (Sep, 1974)

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