Blues Rock

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United Kingdom

Years: 1993 - Jul, 1994
Styles: Blues Rock


Ginger Baker - Drums, Percussion (in band: 1993 - Jul, 1994)
Jack Bruce - Bass Guitar, Cello, Keyboards, Vocals (in band: 1993 - Jul, 1994)
Gary Moore - Guitar, Vocals (in band: 1993 - Jul, 1994)

Biography Picture   BBM ("Bruce-Baker-Moore") is the name of the short-lived power trio formed in 1993, by long established artists, bassist Jack Bruce, drummer Ginger Baker and guitarist Gary Moore.

   They released just one album, entitled "Around The Next Dream".  The track, "Where in the World" was issued as a single, reaching Number 57 in the UK Singles Chart in August 1994. Much of the work was written by Moore with contributions by Bruce and Baker. The album cover featured a picture of Baker.


Around The Next Dream (May 17, 1994)

Singles & EPs

Where In The World / Danger Zone (1994)
Where in the World (1994)

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