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Years: 1969 - 1984
Styles: Art Rock, Canterbury Scene, Experimental Rock, Progressive Rock


Pascale Son - Oboe, Vocals
Daniel Schell - Acoustic guitar , Alto Flute, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Alain Goutier - Bass Guitar
Charles Loos - Keyboards, Piano
Robert Dartsch - Drums


Marc Hollander - Alto saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Keyboards
Guy Lonneux - Drums
Steve Leduc - Percussion
Phillipe Allaert - Drums, Percussion
Pierre Van Dormael - Acoustic guitar
Nicolas Fiszman - Bass Guitar, Guitar, Vocals
Alain Pierre - Keyboards
Ilona Chale - Vocals

Biography Picture    The Cos was a Belgian band formed in the 70s.

     Cos was lead by flautist/guitarist Daniel Schell and featured his wife, oboist/vocalist Pascale Son, who used nonsense syllables to suggest a semblance of language. They offer a mixture of progressive rock,jazz, avant-garde and canterbury scene styles. Joined on their first album, "Postaeolian Train Robbery", by drummer Robert Dartsch, bassist Alain Goutier and keyboardist Charles Loos.

    In 1976, they released "Viva Boma", which is generally considered by fans to be their masterpiece. Each of the following albums having it’s own unique sound; "Babel" emphasizing Pascale’s vocals and featuring funk/disco beats; Swiss Chalet sounding more new wave, while expressing an african feel.

     The band split in the mid-80’s after their final release, 1983’s the "Hotel Atlantic" EP


Postaeolian Train Robbery (1974)
Viva Boma (1976)
Babel (1978)
Swiß Chalet (1979)
Pasiones (1982)

Singles & EPs

Hotel Atlantic (1983)

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