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Ginger Baker
United Kingdom

Years: 1958 - present
Styles: Blues Rock, Experimental Rock, Hard Rock, Jazz Rock, Krautrock, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock


Ginger Baker - Drums, Percussion


Nicky Skopelitis - Banjo, Fairlight CMI, Guitar, Sitar
Bill Laswell - Bass Guitar (in band: 1990)
Jah Wobble - Bass Guitar (in band: 1990)
Sonny Sharrock - Guitar (in band: 1991)
Peter Brotzmann - Saxophone (in band: 1991)
Jan Kazda - Bass Guitar (in band: 1991)

Biography Picture   Ginger Baker playing the trumpet as his first instrument. Gaining drumming experience in the late 50's with jazz bands such as Acker Bilk. Ginger chose a new style when he joined Blues Incorporated in 1962. Erly the following year, he moved on Graham Bond Organisation, although he subsequently left them mid-'66 to form Cream with Eric Clapton and Jack Bruce.[1]

    The thundering anchor holding down the band's psychedelic blues rock, the self-taught Baker was also pioneer of the dreaded drum solo. After their demise late '68 Ginger and Eric formed Blind Faith (with Steve Winwood and Ric Grech), however, the supergroup split after releasing only one solitary album.[1]

    Late in 1969, Baker formed the Airforce ensemble, releasing an eponymous set soon after whitch hit the UK Top 40 early 1970. A second album followed later that year before he moved to Lagos, Nigerian, to buy land and build a 16-track studio. An album, "Stratovarious" appeared in 1972, as well as a live set recorded wit African star, Fela Kuti. Taking time off to run his studio, he eventually hooked with the Gurvitz brothers (Paul and Adrian) to form he Baker Gurvitz Army. This outfit released three jazz-rock efforts, one of which, the eponymous 1974 debut, almost made the UK Top 20.[1]

     Not content with laying the groundwork for the world music boom of the 80's, the ever adventurous Baker subsequently travelled to Italy where he ran a drum school in mountain village! The mid-80's saw him tempted back into the musical slipstream, playing on PIL's "Album" in 1985 and working with leftfield guru, Bill Laswell on a number of projects. More recently, this veritable grandmaster of rock drummers lent his inspired talents to the criminally underrated retro-rockers Masters of Reality, most memorably and amusingly on the track "T.U.S.A.".[1]

     The 90's have also see Baker continue to indulge his love of percussive based music, released a string based albums under Ginger Baker African Force moniker. He even found himself back in the Top 10 in the min-90's, alongside Jack Bruce and Gary Moore. Going by the name BBM, the trio scored with the Virgin album "Around the next dream"[1]

    On 3 May 2005 Baker was reunited with Eric Clapton and Jack Bruce for a series of concerts at the Royal Albert Hall and Madison Square Garden. Baker's autobiography "Hellraiser" was published in 2009.

   In 2013 Baker toured with the Ginger Baker Jazz Confusion, a quartet comprising Baker, saxophonist Pee Wee Ellis, bassist Alec Dankworth and percussionist Abass Dodoo.

    In 2014 Baker signed with record label Motéma Music to release a new jazz album. The album will feature members of the aforementioned quartet he toured with in 2013.

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Stratavarious (Jul, 1972)
Middle Passage (1990)
No Material (Oct, 1991)

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