Psychedelic Rock

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Jackie Lomax
United Kingdom

Years: 1968 - 2013
Styles: Beat, Garage Rock, Pop Rock, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock


Jackie Lomax - Acoustic guitar , Bass Guitar, Guitar, Percussion, Rhythm guitar, Vocals, Wah-wah Pedal

Biography Picture    John Richard "Jackie" Lomax  was an  English  guitarist and singer-songwriter, best known for his association with George Harrison and Eric Clapton

  Lomax was a member of Dee and the DynamitesThe Undertakers, The Lomax Alliance, Heavy Jelly and Badger. He worked with The Tea Bags, George Harrison, Eric ClaptonJeff BeckLeon Russell and Nicky Hopkins.

     In January 1962, Jackie Lomax left Dee and the Dynamites to join the Merseybeat band, The Undertakers. They followed The Beatles' route through local venues before setting out for Hamburg, Germany, and securing a recording contract. They released four singles. After leaving Apple, Lomax joined a band called Heavy Jelly and they released a single on Head Records.

    He joined Badger, a progressive rock band originally formed by ex-Yes keyboard player Tony Kaye, and turned them into a R&B and soul band he had used on his solo albums. The band became a vehicle for Lomax's songs and singing but was short-lived, releasing only one album "White Lady". Lomax crossed the Atlantic to resume his solo career and Capitol Records signed him in 1975. He released two Capitol albums, "Livin' for Lovin' " and "Did You Ever Have That Feeling ?" before leaving the label in 1977.

     He briefly played with The Tea Bags, an Los Angeles based group. On 13 April 2012, Lomax played on the 50th Anniversary of the Hamburg based Star-Club in the Kaiserkeller, with the Star Club All-Star-Band plus Brian Griffiths (Big Three), Bobby Thompson (Dominoes) and Joe Fagin (Strangers) and also with The Undertakers.

     On 15 September 2013, Jackie Lomax died.


Is This What You Want ? (1969)
Home Is In My Head (1971)
Three (1972)
Livin' For Lovin' (1976)
Did You Ever Have That Feeling ? (1977)
The Ballad Of Liverpool Slim (2004)
Against All Odds (Jan 14, 2014)

Singles & EPs

Try As You May / See The People (May 5, 1967)
Genuine Imitation Life / One Minute Woman (Oct, 1967)
Sour Milk Sea / The Eagle Laughs At You (Aug 31, 1968)
New Day / Fall Inside Your Eyes (May 2, 1969)
How The Web Was Woven / Thumbing A Ride (Feb 6, 1970)
Helluva Woman / Higher Ground (Sep 3, 1971)
Roll On / Hellfire, Night-Crier (May, 1972)
Peace Of Mind / Blue World (Nov 26, 1976)

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