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Remo Four
United Kingdom

Years: 1960 - 1968
Styles: Beat, Blues Rock, Rhythm and Blues


Keith Stokes - Rhythm guitar, Vocals (in band: 1960 -)
Harry Prytherch - Drums (in band: 1960 - 1963)
Don Andrew - Bass Guitar, Vocals (in band: 1960 - 1965)
Colin Manley - Lead guitar, Vocals (in band: 1960 - 1968)


Ellen Bee - Vocals (in band: 1962 -)
Johnny Sandon - Vocals (in band: 1962 - 1963)
Phil Rogers - Bass Guitar, Rhythm guitar, Vocals (in band: 1962 - 1968)
Tommy Quickly - Vocals (in band: 1963 - 1965)
Roy Dyke - Drums (in band: 1963 - 1968)
Tony Ashton - Hammond organ, Keyboards, Piano, Vocals (in band: 1966 - 1968)

Biography Picture   In 1958 vocalist and lead guitarist Colin Manley and bass guitarist Don Andrew formed The Remo Quartet with Keith Stokes guitarist, and Harry Prythech on drums.

    The band started playing small gigs and parties but soon progressed to more professional work when in 1960 the name was changed to The Remo Four.

      In 1962 the Remo Four gained another band member Johnny Sandon. In early 1963, Prytherch decided to get married and find a regular job, and Roy Dyke took his place in the band. That year the band signed a new lead singer,Tommy Quickly.

     Manley, Rogers and Dyke were joined by a keyboard player, Tony Ashton. They were very successful and experimented with extended jazz pieces at the Star-Club. While they were in Hamburg they were approached by Polydor Records and they recorded their first album "Smile"  in just two days with Tony using the studio’s Hammond organ.

     The Remo Four broke up with the advent of a splinter group, Ashton, Gardner and Dyke, who had a Top Ten hit with "The Resurrection Shuffle". Manley found work as a Dakota for Billy J. Kramer and a Blue Flame for Georgie Fame and spent some years with Clodagh Rodgers and then Freddie Starr.


Smile! (1967)

Singles & EPs

Lies / On The Horizon (Jul, 1963)
Yes / Magic Potion (Aug, 1963)
Kiss Me Now (Oct, 1963)
Everybody Knows / Closer To Me (Jan, 1964)
Prove It / Haven't You Noticed (Feb, 1964)
I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate (Mar, 1964)
Sally Go Round The Roses (May 29, 1964)
The Wild Side Of Life / Forget The Other Guy (Oct 2, 1964)
Live Like A Lady / Sing Hallelujah (Jan, 1967)
In The First Place (Mar 15, 1998)

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