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Steve Hillage
United Kingdom

Years: 1967 - present
Styles: Experimental Rock, Jazz Rock, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Space Rock


Steve Hillage - Arp Synthesizer Solo, Drum Machine, Fender Rhodes , Guitar, Synthesizer, Vocals (in band: 1967 - present)

Biography Picture   Stephen Simpson "Steve" Hillage is an English  musician, best known as a guitarist.

      Whilst still at school, he joined his first band, a blues rock band called Uriel, with Dave StewartMont Campbell and  Clive Brooks. The band split up in 1968 with the other members going on to form Egg, but they briefly re-united under assumed names to record the album "Arzachel" in 1969.

    In early 1971,  Hillage  formed   Khan with bassist  and  vocalist  Nick Greenwood,  formerly of Crazy World Of Arthur Brown.

    Hillage promptly joined Kevin Ayers' new live band Decadence, participating in Ayers' 1973 album "Bananamour" and touring the UK and France for two months. Having in the meantime become a fan of GongHillage stayed in France after the tour to join the band. In January 1973 he took part in the sessions for "Flying Teapot", the first instalment of the "Radio Gnome" trilogy, and soon after graduated to full-time membership.

     When AllenGong's founder and mastermind, left in April 1975, Hillage took over leadership but found this position increasingly uncomfortable, and by the year's end had jumped ship to launch his solo career, his motivation to do so fuelled by the success of his solo album "Fish Rising", recorded while still in Gong and featuring most of his bandmates.

     During the 1980s, Hillage worked as a record producer, working for artists such as It BitesSimple MindsMurray HeadNash The SlashReal LifeCock RobinTony Banks and Robyn Hitchcock. He returned to producing in the 1990s, working on The Charlatans 1994 album, "Up to Our Hips".


Fish Rising (Apr 11, 1975)
L (1976)
Motivation Radio (1977)
Green (1978)
Open (1979)
Rainbow Dome Musick (1979)
For To Next / And Not Or (1982)

Singles & EPs

It's All Too Much / Shimmer (Oct 15, 1976)
Six Pack, Six Track (1977)
Hurdy Gurdy Man / Om Nama Shivaya (Mar 25, 1977)
Not Fade Away (Dec 30, 1977)
Getting Better / Palm Trees (May, 1978)
Don't Dither Do It / Getting In Tune (Nov, 1979)
Kamikaze Eyes / Before The World Was Made (Jan, 1983)
Alone / Frame By Frame (Apr, 1983)

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