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Geoff Whitehorn
United Kingdom

Years: 1960s - present
Styles: Blues Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock


Geoff Whitehorn - Guitar, Keyboards, Synthesizer, Vocals


Gerry Morris - Backing vocals, Bass Guitar (in band: 1974)
John Richardson - Drums (in band: 1974)
Peter Arnesen - Keyboards (in band: 1974)

Biography Picture

   Geoffrey Charles 'Geoff' Whitehorn  is a guitarist and singer-songwriter, who has played as a member of IfCrawler  and  Procol Harum.

   In August 1973, Whitehorn joined the pioneering British jazz-rock band, If, in what was their third and final line-up, appearing on their last two albums, "Not Just Another Bunch of Pretty Faces" (1974) and "Tea Break Over, Back On Your 'Eads" (1975). During that period, he recorded his first solo album, "Whitehorn" (1974, Stateside), featuring fellow If members Dick Morrissey and Cliff Davies

    In 1976 - 1979, Whitehorn played in the band Crawler (formerly known as Back Street Crawler), replacing the band's founder Paul Kossoff after the latter's death.

     In 1991, he joined the group Procol Harum, and is now their longest serving guitarist, having played on all of their recent recordings, such as "The Long Goodbye, One More Time" - Live in Utrecht 1992 and "The Well's on Fire" as well as on Procol Harum's live DVDs in Denmark and at Union Chapel, and one recorded with an orchestra in 2006 at Ledreborg Castle, again in Denmark.

     Whitehorn has also contributed to the recordings and performances of other artists, such as Bad Company, Jethro Tull, Kevin AyersElkie BrooksThe WhoRoger WatersManfred Mann's Earth BandPaul McCartneyBilly Ocean and Paul Rodgers. In 2007, he worked with Elkie Brooks on her UK tour.


Whitehorn (1974)
Geoff Who? (1990)
Big in Gravesend (1994)

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