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Andy Fraser
United Kingdom

Years: 1968 - present
Styles: Blues Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Pop Rock, Soft Rock


Andy Fraser - Bass Guitar, Vocals


Kim Turner - Drums (in band: 1975)
Nick Judd - Keyboards (in band: 1975)
Tony Braunagel - Drums (in band: 1984)
Bob Marlette - Keyboards (in band: 1984)
Michael Thompson - Guitar (in band: 1984)
David Faragher - Bass Guitar (in band: 1984)

Biography Picture   Andrew McLan "Andy" Fraser is an English songwriter and bass guitarist whose career has lasted over forty years and includes a notable period as one of the founding members, in 1968, at age 15, of the rock band Free.

     Fraser started playing the piano at the age of five. He was trained classically until twelve, when he switched to guitar. Playing in the Bluesbreakers (at the time featuring an 18-year-old Mick Taylor, who would eventually join the Rolling Stones) only lasted until Fraser was 16, and after he was replaced, Korner put him in touch with guitarist Paul Kossoff, who, along with drummer Simon Kirke and vocalist Paul Rodgers, had been on an unsuccessful search for a competent bass player to round out their new band - Free. 

   Free initially split in 1971, and Fraser formed a trio, Toby, with guitarist Adrian Fisher (later with Sparks), and drummer Stan Speake. Material was recorded but not released, and Fraser re-joined Free in December 1971. He left for the second time in June 1972.

     He  formed the Andy Fraser Band, a trio with Kim Turner on drums and Nick Judd on keyboards. They released album "Andy Fraser Band" and Fraser's own "In Your Eyes", both in 1975, before that too folded. In 1984, Fraser released another album of his own "Fine, Fine Line".

    For over four decades Fraser has been composing and songwriting with artists’ Rod Stewart, Chaka Khan, Paul Young, Joe Cocker,  and many more.

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...In Your Eyes (1975)
Fine Fine Line (1984)
Naked... and Finally Free (May 17, 2005)

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