Blues Rock

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Keef Hartley Band
United Kingdom

Years: 1968 - 1972
Styles: Blues Rock, Classic Rock, Jazz Rock, Progressive Rock


Keef Hartley - Drums, Guitar, Percussion (in band: 1968 - 1972)


Miller Anderson - Guitar, Vocals
Gary Thain - Bass Guitar, Guitar
Peter Dines - Organ
Henry Lowther - Flugelhorn, Piano, Trumpet, Violin
Jimmy Jewell - Saxophone, Tenor saxophone
Johnny Almond - Flute
Jon Hiseman - Drums, Percussion
Harry Beckett - Flugelhorn, Trumpet
Lyn Dobson - Flute, Tenor saxophone
Chris Mercer - Tenor saxophone
Mick Taylor - Guitar
Ray Warleigh - Alto saxophone, Flute
Barbara Thompson - Baritone saxophone, Flute
Mick Weaver - Hammond organ, Percussion, Piano
Junior Marvin - Guitar, Vocals
Pete Wingfield - Piano, Vocals
Spit James - Guitar (in band: 1968 - 1969)

Biography Picture    Keith "Keef" Hartley formed his own eponymous band, known as The Keef Hartley Band or the Keef Hartley Big Band, mixing elements of jazz, blues, and rock and roll.  They released five albums, including "Halfbreed" and "The Battle of North West Six". 

    He was later a member of Dog Soldier, and variously worked with Rory StormThe Artwoods and John Mayall.  Hartley, often dressed as an American Indian, sometimes soberly, sometimes in full head-dress and war-paint, was a popular attraction on the small club scene.

    After recording a solo album, "Lancashire Hustler" (1973) Hartley formed Dog Soldier.

     The Keef Hartley Band was the first British band that performed at Woodstock. hey went on stage on Saturday, the 16th at about 4:45 pm.

     Keef Hartley - drums
     Jimmy Jewell - saxophone
     Henry Lowther - trumpet, violin
     Gary Thain - bass
     Miller Anderson - guitar, vocals

     Spanish Fly
     She's Gone
     Too Much Thinkin'
     Believe In You
     Rock Me Baby
     Medley: Sinnin' For You (Intro) > Leaving Trunk > Just to Cry > Sinnin' for You


Halfbreed (1969)
The Battle Of North West Six (1969)
The Time Is Near (1970)
Overdog (1971)
Seventy Second Brave (1971)

Singles & EPs

Leave It 'Til The Morning / Just To Cry (Apr 11, 1969)
Waiting Around / Not Foolish, Not Wise (Oct, 1969)
Roundabout (Nov 20, 1970)
Dance To The Music / You And Me (Mar 23, 1973)

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